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JJonesmx:  Diyala Council: Transfer of 200 files of integrity estimated funds of 500 billion dinars

19:16 – 03/02/2019

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Revealed the provincial council of Diyala, on Sunday, the transfer of more than 200 files of corruption to the Integrity Commission estimated funds more than 500 billion dinars, indicating that what has been achieved of them does not exceed 30%.

Council member Iman Abdul Wahab said, “The Diyala provincial council opened many files of corruption related to the projects launched by the Council and previous projects and other government departments in Diyala.”

She added that “the number of files opened by the provincial council and forwarded to the Integrity Commission up to more than 200 files of corruption,” noting that “the funds of these files estimated at more than 500 billion dinars.”

“Among the files that opened the sale of the mayor of Baquba more than 1600 pieces of land and more than one person and with funds amounting to more than 10 million each piece.”

Integrity has settled nearly 30% of these files, while at the time about 70% of them are still in the hands of the Commission


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