Don961: After four hours of discussion details Baghdad agrees with Tehran to pay its debts to Iran  link

JJonesmx: Don. Thank you Sir. You are a Machine.

So I was a little put off by the earlier articles of Iran saying they were going to work with Iraqi banks and open a few more Iranian banks in Iraq. Also that Iran and Iraq were going to do currency swaps and the EU was in on the deal too. You get my point. (yes I know they are allowed to have $ swaps) <— lol. I always ? anything that Iran says in ink. For instance. The US sanctions have not affected them one bit. <— Yeah Ok. Idiot. Smh.

So now this ^^^ article above has the truth in it. IRAQ PAID IRAN THE 2 Billion they owed them. THAT’s what the truth is. There is going to be no BANKING merges. I was wondering how they could do that and remain UST, IMF, BIS compliant in international standards.

It just did not make sense to me.  Iraq paying money OWED to Iran is not only GRRRREAT news for Iran…lol But imo it’s great news for us. 

It means (to me) that Iraq is paying peeps their money owed. Kuwait last week. Jordan too and now Iran. Iraq did get a slew of loans from Germany, Japan, France and the USA all within the past month or so; BUT those loans are not to pay governments back. Those loans are for private sector, infrastructure,,,,etc etc. 

So fear not my Dinar Invested peeps & peepettes. Iran is buttoned up. If you really think about it, these 3 or 4 Iran articles from today kind of prove Iran is buttoned up. 

So let’s see what happens next. 

THIS ENTIRE THINGY ABOVE … ^^^ was in my 12 year old mind’s OPINION ONLY.

Jay:  Quote:  “What does Iraqi have to do(per IMF)..? Be able to pay its debts…wink “


J49:  And in Dinar IMO