KTFA (Frank26)

Samson: The delegate of Iraq calls upon States to fulfill their commitments made at the Kuwait Conference    LINK

22Dude22: IMO….we all know what the investors were told!

MilitiaMan:  Yes, and they have yet to raise the rate.. Investors know it all to well.. Hence the 2019 conference was a no go.. imo –MM

4Cash:  Show a real rate not program rate and countries and companies will honor the commitment that they made in Kuwait!!!!!

JJimmyjj:  This message board delegate calls upon Iraq and the CBI to publically release the new rate and to live up to their commitments to their contractors,  the World Bank,  the UN, and the UST.


Samson:  The Association of Iraqi Private Banks Organizes a Workshop «Automated Taxation on Direct Deduction Tax»   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Electronic and automatic taxation.. New and improved..

I am of the view they mean business and the Iraq Private Banks are going to be a huge part of the reconstruction effort.. Massive amounts of money will be moved through them especially once they are fully Article 8 compliant with a new non program rate.. Alak the phone is ringing… lol – MM

Frank26:  YES !!! ……………………..(wink)

Iobey777:   Getting prepared to IMPLEMENT their new Tax & Tariffs  electronically….IMO
Gfulcher66:  They cant do that without a real rate! Thank you F26 ….That said we have seen them say they were going to do this in the past but fail to implement, I bet this time is different though.


MilitiaMan:  This one is from yesterday too. Shows me they are not going to postpone anything.. imo So far so good. Alak, dat u? lol ~ MM

Don961:  After the adoption of a tariff as a unified customs .. Will the price of cars rise?

Economic development  12/02/2019  581

After the adoption of a tariff as a unified customs .. Will the price of cars rise?

The official of the legal department at the Kemerk Bashmakh International Directorate, clarified on Tuesday the truth of the news about the increase in car fees.

Ahmed said in a press statement that “the news that the increase in customs duties on cars with the launch of the unified tariff; there is no truth to the fact,” noting that “customs duties remain unchanged.”

He added that “the increase in fees include some cars (Lekaz; Jeep Laredo; Rosaraz); cars that are priced above 50 thousand dollars and above,” stressing that “banking transactions with the application of the system of customs tariff unified; will be in banks in the dollar.”
And that “the banks will not receive any amount in Iraqi currency.”

The unified customs tariff is due to enter into force on February 17 at all border crossings.


Samson:  Tomorrow, the Municipality of Baghdad celebrates Valentine’s Day

13th February, 2019

The Secretariat of Baghdad invited a number of artists and pioneers of authentic art to commemorate the celebration that will be held tomorrow at the Baghdadi Museum on the occasion of (Valentine’s Day).

The Directorate of Relations and Information that “the Secretariat of Baghdad and on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and under the slogan (love of Iraq brings us together) on Thursday morning will hold a big artistic event in the Museum of Baghdadi to support the government’s efforts to promote community peace.”

“I have invited a number of artists and pioneers of the original culture and a number of personalities from all parts of the Iraqi people to attend and participate in the ceremony and folk costume to embody the unity and cohesion of the Iraqi people.”    LINK

Samson:  Association of Banks holds a seminar “the concept of financial inclusion” within the events of the Book Fair

13th February, 2019

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks on Wednesday held a seminar on the concept of financial inclusion within the seventh day of the Baghdad International Book Fair, which was held from February 7 to 18 this February

Participated in the symposium, the Director of Payments in the Central Bank of Iraq, Subhi Abdul Karim, the economic adviser to the Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh and the Executive Chairman of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tarek, while the hubs Ahmad Hazal

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, speaking at the seminar on mechanisms to combat poverty on the basis of financial inclusion, explaining how it provides financial services to weaken the social segments at the lowest cost and a high degree of informatics, and also that the United Nations aims to achieve financial inclusion for sustainable development, The World Bank will launch a financial inclusion initiative next year to bring people closer to the financial system, while stressing that Iraq has jumped from traditional financial coverage to digital financial inclusion

For its part, the director of payments in the Central Bank of Iraq, said that the central bank concerned with the infrastructure to support financial coverage, as the proportion of financial coverage in Iraq below the level of ambition and we hope in 2020 to achieve a larger proportion

She stressed that the citizen should enjoy the financial culture in order to raise the community in financial affairs, especially as the project is specialized in providing services to all governorates without exception, considering that the financial culture is necessary, after agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education to approve the presence of Booth for banks throughout the year within University to provide inquiries and banking education for students
The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq explained that all layers of society need financial service, pointing out that the participation of the Association of Banks and private banks in the Book Fair is one of the means to promote the idea of ​​financial inclusion, noting that the banking sector needs to re-confidence By the state and thus citizens’ confidence in the banks

He added that the number of banks and ATMs increased significantly and we hope to expand further, even though we have not reached the level of financial education in the face of major challenges in the country such as unemployment and the absence of a rural economy, while stressing that the achievement of financial inclusion A gradual process needs time     LINK

Don961:  To expect: Ramadan will be on the sixth of May next and the hours of fasting less than previous ones

“On Monday, May 6, 2019 will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, while fasting hours for the first time in four years will be less than 15 hours,” said a member of the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy Sciences. “He said.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, a researcher in astronomy and meteorology, said: “The crescent of Ramadan is expected to be born on May 5 at 2:46 pm UAE time, when the sun sets at 5 degrees from the western horizon. “His vision will be possible. Therefore, Monday 6 May 2019 will be the month of Ramadan according to the criteria of astronomical vision. The birth of the crescent of Shawwal will be on June 3 at 14:02 UAE time. After sunset 3 minutes, you can not see it, and Wednesday, June 5 is the month of Shawwal According to astronomical standards. ” Finished    link


Samson:  Syrian Observatory: Da’ash stolen 40 tons of gold from Iraq and Syria

13th February, 2019

The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rahman, that there is a valuable Sidon will be in the possession of the Syrian democratic forces and allied with them after the control of the last enclaves east of the Euphrates, noting that the organization stole 40 tons of gold.

“The terrorist organization has about 40 tons of gold stolen from Iraq and Syria,” al-Masry al-Youm news agency quoted Abdul Rahman as saying.

“The stolen gold was collected from all areas occupied by the terrorist organization and part of the gold was refined in Turkish territory and returned to Syria,” he said.

US President Donald Trump announced at the end of December that he would withdraw all his forces from Syria because the organization had already been defeated in practice, but experts and lawmakers said a quick withdrawal could destabilize the region and foster a strong force.     LINK