MilitiaMan: An infusion of federal money double the size. They are now talking very loud! Things must be going along quite well to get a doubling of income!! ~ MM

JJonesmx:  Baghdad hikes monthly payment to Kurdistan

With an infusion of federal money under the newly enacted 2019 budget,

the KRG is lifting austerity measures and returning to the days of financial dependence on Baghdad.

Adil Abd al-Mahdi (L) meets with Nechirvan Barzani on Nov. 13, 2014. (STRINGER/Reuters)


Published Thursday, March 14th, 2019


Iraq’s federal government has roughly doubled the amount of its monthly transfer to the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) — a sign of a deepening relationship of interdependence between Baghdad and Erbil.

Future payments are not guaranteed to remain so high. The 2019 budget law calls on the KRG to contribute 250,000 barrels per day (bpd) of its independently managed oil production to the federal government’s exports – and if it fails to do so, there could be financial penalties.



Don961:  The New York Times: Sistani meets with the Iranian president and asks him to respect Iraqi sovereignty

Policy  ,   2019/03/15 01:44


The New York Times reported on the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq, which gave special attention to the meeting of Mr. Sistani with President Ruhani in the holy city of Najaf on Wednesday.

The report referred to Mr. Sistani’s request to Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to respect Iraqi sovereignty and to limit Weapons in the hands of the state, in an indirect reference to Iran’s increasingly powerful militias.

Sistani’s comments echo many Iraqis’ fears that powerful Shi’ite militias, whose military and political influence have increased after the defeat of the Sunni Muslim extremist group, remain under Iranian patronage.

On the other hand, most of the Iraqi militias backed by Iran say that arming and financing is no longer Iranian and that it only works to defend Iraq and its Shiite sanctuaries (according to the American newspaper).



Samson:  Brent crude rises as a sign of tougher sanctions on Iran

Brent crude rose on Thursday on Opec cuts and the threat of tougher sanctions on Iran, and a drop in US inventories last week also weighed on price hikes

Brent crude futures were $ 67.83 a barrel, up $ 0.26 or 0.41 percent

US WTI crude futures were $ 58.41 a barrel, up 0.15 cents, or 0.26 percent, from the previous settlement price, also close to the highest since November 2018

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and some outside producers, including Russia, have been holding back oil supplies since the beginning of the year to narrow the gap between supply and demand in world markets and support crude prices

Meanwhile, a weekly report by the US Energy Information Administration said US crude oil inventories in the United States fell last week as refinery production increased

The United States is seeking to tighten sanctions on Iran by cutting Iran’s crude exports by about 20 percent to less than 1 million barrels per day (bpd) starting in May by ordering importers to cut purchases to avoid US sanctions      LINK

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