Don961: Monetary policy and raise the visa fees for Iranians

Friday, 15 March 2019

Talal Barakat

The monetary policy aimed at emptying the treasury of the Iraqi state is part of the plan to dispel the wealth of Iraq to continue the scarcity of cash from hard currency in order not to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar .. because it is obvious whenever the reserve of hard currency increases in the state treasury whenever the value of the local currency increases.

The Central Bank has been working for years over the sale of the dollar by selling the currency as it is known for the purpose of smuggling abroad by the powerful thieves and the largest part of it was going to the Iranian banks to increase Iranian reserves of hard currency to increase the value of the currency IRA

The deficit in the Iraqi budget continues, so that there is no significant difference between the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and the price of the Iranian currency, ie, there is no difference in the value of the two currencies on which the trade is based, because in many cases of sale and purchase were in the Iranian Toman in the provinces of the south Especially Basra .. 

But after the impact of US sanctions on Iran, which led to a huge drop in the Iranian Toman,this caused a decline in the balance of trade between the two countries and the decline of religious tourism until the gap became deep and the great difference between the Iraqi and Iranian currency.

Good things in Iraq in order to save the Iranian economy through economic agreements turned the balance of trade to zero in terms of Iraq to be a backyard and a consumer state for all Iranian products without exporting any Iraqi goods to Iran because the case of Iraq as it is known has nothing to issue T oil and most of its revenues go to Iran to cover the wars absurd here and there and the remaining enters into the pockets of thieves on the salaries and privileges of the fairy form ..

Also, among the dictates that are falsely called agreements are the cancellation of the Iranian visa fees to Iraq so that Iran can not be left in foreign currency.

If we assume that 7 million Iranians are entered in the traffic seasons and each person pays at least $ 20 visa fees, The Iraqi state and the religious thresholds to spend on Iranian visitors and provide the food and service they need free of charge at the expense of Iraq,

which caused the loss of economic double to avoid And the evidence of the above if evidence back to the memory before the US embargo on Iraq, where the budget of the Iraqi state $ 11 billion and the exchange rate of $ 3.3 and today the state budget 450 billion and the exchange rate of $ 1189 dinars .. Who is responsible for So for the benefit of ..   link


Don961:  Corruption , anti-corruption articles all over the news … small samples :

Monday, March 11 , 2019 11:25

Former deputy: opening the files of corruption will overthrow the heads of large within the parliament

The former deputy Rahim Darraji, on Monday, that the opening files of corruption need to remove the current political system.

Al-Daraji added that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi does not have a political bloc that can be relied upon in the House of Representatives to confront corruption and corruption. 

He continued, that the inability of any party to open the files of corruption because it will overthrow the large heads within parliament, saying it is difficult to fight corruption as long as the political system itself manages the political process.   link


Friday, 15 March 2019 09:27 PM

Parliamentary power intends to open files of “corruption” associated with the work of the Ministry of Oil

A member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary Bahaa al-Din Nuri, on Friday, that his committee intends to open all files “corruption” associated with the work of the Ministry of Oil during the last period, while stressing the support of parliament to the government in the fight against corruption.

Al-Nuri said in a press statement that “the House of Representatives is seeking all the strength to support the government in order to succeed in its work in the file against corruption, and among the aspects that we seek to support the government is to open all files of corruption in the former Ministry of Oil,” noting that “the Ministry of Oil is one of the most important Ministries being linked to the largest supplier and the first treasury and the federal budget.

Al-Nouri added that “the House of Representatives with its first legislative chapter was busy completing the formation of the government and working on the formation of parliamentary committees, which made him not exercise his oversight role in the best manner with regard to opening corruption files”Pointing out that” there are a lot of files in the Committee on suspicions of corruption or delay in the work and we will work with every effort to study and investigate in detail and professional ”

The Nouri,” The Committee will not temper any party and will not succumb to any pressure being exercised that “He stressed that” there is a need to coordinate efforts between the legislative and executive authorities to eliminate corruption in the Ministry of Oil and other institutions of the state radically. ”

The member of the Committee on oil and parliamentary energy MP for the mass صادقون عدي عواد Posted: Thursday 10 October Wen ‘s second 2019, his intention to collect signatures for the purpose of questioning the Minister of Oil on the back of “Hide corrupted files” company SOMO, accusing him of pressing the inspector general of the ministry to prevent the investigation of this file.  link