Don961: Extinguish 75 percent of Iraq’s debt .. Highlights of the «Tunisia summit»

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Tunisia / Esraa Khalifa

The preparatory meetings for the 30th Arab Summit held in Tunis included the addition of an item to the agenda that included the extinguishment of 75 percent of Iraq’s debt within the support funds provided to the Arab countries and a unified Arab position on the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by Turkish forces.

The agenda also included the political developments of the Palestinian issue, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the activation of the Arab peace initiative, follow-up of settlement developments, support for the budget of the State of Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan, and the occupation of the three Arab islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa of the United Arab Emirates.

Agenda of the Summit

The Spokesman for the Arab Summit Ambassador Mahmoud Al-Khumairi said in a statement to the «morning» that «the meeting of delegates discussed 21 items in addition to the latest developments, first and foremost the report of the Saudi presidency of the previous Arab summit and the twenty-ninth report of the Secretary-General on the march of joint Arab action».

“The agenda topped the political developments of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict, activating the Arab peace initiative, the Israeli violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and follow up the settlement developments and support the budget of the State of Palestine and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people,

“The agenda also includes the crisis in Syria, the developments in the situation in Libya and Yemen and an item on the adoption of a unified Arab position on the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by the Turkish forces, items on the support of peace and development in the Republic of Sudan, support of the Republic of Somalia, In the internal affairs of the Arab states ».

He added that “an item on internally displaced persons in Arab countries and displaced Iraqis in particular and included a table of draft resolutions submitted by the Economic and Social Council. The agenda also included an item on the extinguishment of 75% of Iraq’s debt within the support funds provided to Arab countries within the League of Arab States.

The central issue

For his part, Minister Plenipotentiary Director of the Department of Palestine, Haidar Tariq al-Jubouri, said in a statement to «Al-Sabah» that «a draft resolution on the occupied Syrian Arab Golan confirms its Arabism and support the demand of the Syrian Arab Republic and its right to restore the entire Golan based on the basis of the process Peace and resolutions of international legitimacy, and reject any positions contrary to the international consensus and in violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy ».

He pointed out that “the Palestinian cause receives great attention at the Arab summit as the central issue that is strongly present in the work of the Arab League Council. There are draft resolutions that will be discussed by the Council at its three levels (Permanent Delegates, Foreign Ministers and Summit) Of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict and its latest developments in terms of Israeli developments and violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem. The Council will affirm that East Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine and reject any attempt to diminish Palestinian sovereignty over it. ”

“The summit will discuss the political developments of the Palestinian issue and ways to activate the Arab peace initiative, as the Council will support the support of the State of Palestine to get full membership in the United Nations and work to mobilize international support for it.”

Draft resolutions

Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Dr. Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh, said that senior officials of the Economic and Social Council prepared draft economic and social resolutions for the Arab summit in Tunis and presented them to the ministers of finance and economy.

“The senior officials presented the Secretary-General’s report on the joint Arab economic and social work for the past year since the previous Arab Summit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in addition to a draft resolution requesting Arab financial institutions to support the State of Palestine on the establishment of the National Economic Empowerment Foundation, Decision on the Executive Plan for the Arab Strategy for Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

“They also raised a draft resolution on Arab action in climate change negotiations, dealing with climate change, and a draft resolution on the ethics of science and technology in the Arab region,” she added.

On the social issue, Abu-Ghazaleh explained that “the senior officials of the Economic and Social Council submitted to the ministers a draft resolution on the Arab strategy for older persons submitted by the joint meeting of the Arab Ministers of Social Affairs and Health and a special draft resolution on the Arab Plan of Action to address the social causes of terrorism emanating from Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, as well as to end the recruitment of children within the terrorist gangs provided by Iraq ».

Summit of Dhahran

In addition, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Egypt and its representative to the League of Arab States, Osama Al-Naqali, affirmed that “the 29th Arab Summit held in Dhahran last year, bearing the name of the Jerusalem summit, dealt with all political issues on the Arab and international arenas in a manner that serves the just causes of the nation. Legitimate and promote joint Arab action. ”

He praised the great success achieved by Iraq in defeating the terrorist advocate, pointing out that «this confirms that the solidarity of Arab countries and stand united in the fight against terrorism has contributed to the success of joint Arab efforts with international efforts to eliminate the terrorism is urging»

He added that “the summit presidency (Saudi Arabia) has been able to strengthen the role of joint Arab action in many areas of cooperation, especially in the economic and social field, foremost of which is the adoption of the mechanism of the commitment of States to the decisions of the Economic and Social Council and the mechanism of transparency requirements within the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area.”

He pointed out that «the Kingdom was keen to know its humanitarian role by providing aid and assistance and lifting the human suffering of the Arab peoples through the support of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and support for Syrian refugees in Arab countries, and support for displaced people in Iraq, Yemen, which amounted to more than 13 billion dollars, in addition to the assistance to a number of Arab sister countries to alleviate the human suffering of these peoples ».

Regarding the Arab territories occupied in 1967, including the Golan Heights, he stressed that “any attempt aimed at legitimizing the occupation is unacceptable, describing the US administration’s declaration as a” blatant violation of the UN Charter and the principles of international law of the UN Charter, including Security Council resolutions 242 (1967) and 497 Of 1981 ».

For his part, the Permanent Representative of Tunisia to the Arab League Najib Munif said that “the great achievement that we can achieve during our presidency of the Arab summit is the solidarity of all Arab countries in combating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.”

He said that “based on the fundamentals of our foreign policy, we recognize that we have assumed the presidency of the summit during this stage in which the Arab nation faces many challenges, but we are determined to use all our potential to contribute to the unification of the Arab ranks,” stressing the preparation of «draft resolutions of the Council of the League at the ministerial level and The issue of the Palestinian cause for the establishment of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the decisions on the situation in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the Arab national security policy. Terrorism as well as other social and economic issues. ”

Return of Syria

Ambassador Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, said on the sidelines of the meeting of delegates and senior officials, which began in Tunis to prepare for the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which will be held on Friday to prepare for the 30th Arab summit in Tunisia: “The absence of consensus or presence on the issue of the return of Syrian activity to the League of States Arab is linked to the vision of the Arab countries the position of the Syrian regime in relation to the political settlement and the relationship with Iran ».

Asked whether anyone could come forward to include an item on the return of Syria, he said that “things will not be dealt with in this way, but if there is a consensus for the return of Syria, that will be achieved. It may be included in the resolution on the Syrian crisis after deliberation among the Arab countries.”

He added that «these decisions are updated periodically and the draft resolution before the summit is updated, if there is any new deserves to be placed in this decision will be placed without doubt».

Regarding the Palestinian financial crisis in the light of the Palestinian demand for intervention by the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States in this regard, he said: “There is a responsibility on the part of the international community towards the financial crisis of the Palestinian Authority, which occurred because of the Israeli occupation behavior, noting that this subject has many dimensions and some complications .

It was not the responsibility of the Arab States to shoulder the burden of responsibility alone. There was an international community with great responsibilities. Above all, there was a great responsibility for the occupying Power under international law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations.

“It is not easy to say that Arabs have money and they have to pay,” he said. “But the issue is that there are parties that have a legal responsibility to force them to pay money to the Palestinian Authority.”

He continued: “Nevertheless, the Arab countries play their role in supporting the budget of the Palestinian Authority periodically, and fulfill their obligations periodically.”

He stressed that the current conditions impose on the Authority the need for more funds to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, stressing that the financial situation can not be solved by paying a check from here or there.

He said that there are measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities regarding the seizure of Palestinian tax funds and the Palestinian Authority objecting to these procedures very sharply and has every right to do so.

He explained that these Israeli measures aggravate the seriousness of the situation in the territories

Occupied territories.

He stressed the need to resolve this crisis through measures taken by the occupying power in the first place, pointing out that the solution to this problem lies in the assumption of Israel’s responsibility and not through the search for temporary solutions that a state here or there pay money In this regard.   link

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According to press reports that China has made unprecedented proposals in talks with the United States, in particular with regard to the transfer of forced technology

Sources familiar with the matter told the unnamed agency on Wednesday that China had made proposals on the table and that it had developed more than before, noting that the transfer of forced technology was among those proposals

The sources confirmed to the agency that the negotiators have made progress on the details of the written agreement, which was subjected to the search in order to identify the concerns of America

The source added: “If you look at the documents a month ago and compare it with what happened today, we are moving forward in all aspects.” At the same time, the source confirmed that it has not yet reached what they aspire to

“They talked about the forced transfer of technology as never before in terms of scope or detail,” he said

The source stressed that the talks continue as long as there is progress achieved in the core issues, “is likely to continue until May or June no one knows, it is also possible to continue until April do not know

The US Trade Representative and China’s Treasurer are due to visit China to complete the trade talks     LINK

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