Don961: China announces a “new consensus” with the United States to end the trade war

– 5 Hours Ago

China’s Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hee said a “new consensus” could be “achieved” with regard to the trade agreement being negotiated between China and the United States, the New China News Agency reported Friday.

The two sides reached a “new consensus on important issues” concerning a trade agreement aimed at ending nine months of trade war between the world’s two largest economic powers, Liu was quoted as saying.

This comes after US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the United States and China have become very close to reaching an agreement ending the trade war between them.

“We are very close to signing an agreement,” Trump told reporters ahead of a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Hee, China’s chief negotiator with the United States.

The White House said earlier that President Trump would meet Thursday with Liu, Vice Premier of China, who is in Washington for trade talks.

According to the Trump schedule published by the White House, the meeting is scheduled to be held at 4:30 pm EST in the Oval Office.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlo said Wednesday that US-China trade talks had made “good progress” last week in Beijing and both sides were aiming to settle differences in talks that could last more than three days this week.

Speaking to reporters at a seminar organized by the Christian Science Monitor, Kudlo said China recognized for the first time during the talks problems raised by the United States for years.

Negotiations resumed in Washington on Wednesday after last week’s meetings in Beijing. The US delegation is headed by Trade Representative Robert Laitheiser and Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin.     Reuters   link