ChrisC: I am just throwing this comment out for thought and additional comment.  I was thinking this morning that it is strange that one country has declared they have a gold backed currency, but nobody else as yet.  What are they waiting for?  To be honest, when we saw that first one I thought it was the first stream of water of a bursting dam and they were all going to announce, but nobody else has yet that I know of.  Why are they holding back?

Lexi:  I was thinking something along this line of thinking as well. Maybe I’m showing my ignorance here, but how can we know for sure all the countries that ARE gold backed?


Samson:  Japan: We have had frank and good trade talks with the US side

16th April, 2019

Japan’s economy minister said he agreed with the US side on how to conduct trade negotiations, stressing that the first day of their talks was frank

“I basically think that is something that should be defined as one package instead of picking some specific points,” Chemmitz Metji told reporters on Monday

The economy minister in the world’s third-largest economy met yesterday with the US trade representative in Washington and the negotiations are due to continue today

The talks came after the agreement between the US President and the Japanese Prime Minister last September to start trade talks in accordance with arrangements that protect the Japanese policy industry from more tariffs

“The new trade negotiations will be based on the joint statement issued by the two countries last September and will respect the other government’s positions along with the outline of Japan’s auto and agricultural sector,” he said

“We have had good and frank trade talks with the US side

At the same time Japan’s economy minister avoided answering questions related to whether there were any penalties for auto exports, or whether a paragraph on the currency would be included in the negotiations

However, he stressed that the United States had already agreed that discussions on the exchange rate would be discussed by the finance ministers of the two countries   LINK