Samson: Parliametary Foreign Affairs: the arrival of the delegations of the Baghdad meeting of the Seven Sides of Parliaments of neighboring countries

20th April, 2019

The Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations in the House of Representatives announced on Saturday the completion of the arrival of parliamentary delegations participating in the Baghdad meeting of the Sibai Parliament of neighboring countries, pointing out that the heads of parliaments of neighboring countries will attend personally except the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament because of his concern about the flood crisis in his country and his deputy and a large number of Iranian MPs.

“All the delegations of the Baghdad Sibai Conference of the Parliaments of Neighboring Countries have completed their Saturday visit to Baghdad,” MP Amer al-Fayez said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah.

“All the heads of parliaments will represent their country in the meeting except for the president of the parliament of the Islamic Republic, Because of his preoccupation with what the country is going through the flood crisis.”

He added that “the meeting will be launched mid-noon today and will attend the opening session of all Iraqi officials in the three presidencies,” adding that “after the completion of hearing the words of heads of delegations will be held a session of meetings to discuss the topics listed on the meeting.”

“Iraq has succeeded in holding this important meeting and gathering all the neighboring countries at one table, despite differences between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Syria,” he said.

Fayez stressed that “the Baghdad meeting of the seven parliaments of the neighboring countries in the framework of coordinated diplomatic efforts between the three presidencies to further openness and cooperation with neighboring countries to enhance security and stability in the region on the one hand and further development and prosperity for their peoples on the other.”    LINK

Samson:   Economic agreements: agreements with Saudi Arabia will make a boom in the Iraqi economy

20th April, 2019

The parliamentary economic committee on Saturday described the signing of agreements with Saudi Arabia on the mission for the two countries, indicating that these agreements will contribute to a breakthrough in the Iraqi economy.

“The economic and security agreements with Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries will make a qualitative leap in the Iraqi economy and will provide good job opportunities for the Iraqi citizen,” said Nada Shaker Jodat, a member of the committee.

“The establishment of factories and commercial compounds inside Iraq by Saudi Arabia strengthens the local product and contributes to creating a real competitive opportunity for imported products,” she said. Goodt called on the government to speed up the implementation of these agreements and to draft new laws to ensure competition of the local product in Iraq and even export it to neighboring countries.    LINK


Samson:  New Generation: Conference of parliaments of neighboring countries a positive step towards peace in the region

20th April, 2019

A member of the House of Representatives for the new generation bloc Yusra Rajab, Saturday, that the Baghdad summit held today is a proof of the security and stability of Iraq, praising the policy of Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbusi in bringing these countries to resolve outstanding issues.

“Today’s focus is on the Baghdad summit and what will emerge from a final statement that will contribute to the resolution of the main issues of concern to the participating countries, especially in the security, political and economic aspects,” Rajab said in a statement.

Iraq is passing through an important stage in its policy to prove to the world that it is a free and stable country, which is the safety valve for the region and can play a role in resolving the region’s issues.”     LINK