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Frank26:  Copy ………….TY.

PMac:  IMHO…April Spread Sheet is showing $0.91  (shhhhh)


Manu68:  I just fail to understand that if the PTB have demanded activation of Iraq’s MR and Mosul is liberated, what is Abadi waiting for? Just keeps on procrastinating and before we know it, it’ll be another thing he’s waiting on. I understand that its a fluid event and nobody knows the date but boy its almost as if he’s always looking for a reason to delay things even further. Frustrating

Chris05: Hey Manu68,  I can understand your frustration, and you are not alone, I am sure.

However, I feel we have big reason to be VERY positive about our position right now. There is so much evidence that we are in the final phase of this marathon, and have been given our ‘second wind’, to carry us over the finish line. ‘Stay strong’ comes to mind

I also think we have to remind ourselves we are looking through the eyes of a speculative investor of the IQD.

We, as speculative investors have to make decisions or come to conclusions, based on limited data and information.

On the other hand, the PTB, have access to ALL the data and information, as a collective group, that culminates into a masterplan.

We are unfortunately not privy to that masterplan. IMO, a major part of the masterplan is to give us the impression ‘something’ is happening, when it is not. This also applies to the opposite, where they give us the impression that ‘something’ is NOT happening, when it is. This strategy used in ‘psy-ops’, is done on purpose to confuse us, to get us to think a certain way or thought.

For example, for some of us, our perception of PM Abadi is that he is either purposefully delaying or procrastinating with announcing the liberation of Mosul and release of the new value of the IQD. IMO, this is not the case. There is a plan behind it.

I compare the many parts of the long process of this elaborate jigsaw puzzle, to dominoes, that are all lined up in perfect position. However, some of these dominoes in the long line are invisible to the naked eye, and we only see their effect, of knocking down the next domino in the chain, after it occurs. Then with hindsight, we say, that makes sense, I can see that now.

IMO, Abadi’s actions and all the other working parts in the liberation of Iraq, in both their country, and their currency, are all part of a greater PLAN, that is being executed, as planned.

If we look at what Iraq has done and is doing, and what is left to do, we are in an extremely great position right now. Better than ever before. We can have great faith in the process and the result.

Frank has stated that the lava flow is hotter than ever right now, and IMO, I feel the lava flow is going to consume all of us, in the near future.

I hope you will not stay frustrated for long, and will continue to walk with us, other students, behind Frank, to catch up to the lava flow, that is getting faster, thicker and hotter, as each day and night goes by.   Cheers  Chris


Don961:  imo … If they want to declare Mosul liberated on the June 10 anniversary , perhaps from the same Mosque the Caliphate was declared … logic and prudence would be to have the battles completed well ahead of time … to have proper security for Abadi to make such an announcement …

Chris05:  IMO, If that is indeed the plan, that would be a logical part of the plan…..I agree with you Don, and thanks for everything you do.

Edit Mosul will not be long over a week .. Abadi and ordered to begin preparing for the celebration of the country’s wide

Revealed military sources, that the liberation of Mosul operations will not last long more than another week, and aim to prevent the continuation of the organization in the fighting until the day of June 10, which falls on the declaration of the fall of Mosul in 2014, at a time delivered airline Air Force, thousands of leaflets in the city of Mosul areas controlled by the organization Daesh urges citizens to get out of them towards the security forces.

The sources said in a press statement, he said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, ordered to begin preparing for a celebration widely in the country with the Emancipation Proclamation of Mosul, which will be through the person, not in a military statement as happened in the rest of the country’s cities, which were extracted from the organization ‘Daesh’ in earlier times .

The sources added that ending the existence of ‘Daesh’ in Mosul operation cost more than 30 thousand civilians dead and wounded, mostly women and children were killed during the past eight months of the battle, which began on the seventeenth of October last year, as well as hundreds of violations recorded by local and international organizations.

Although discreetly Baghdad avoided announcement toll alarming civilian victims, in the same degree of eagerness to overlook the number of military casualties and other regular forces and the militias ‘popular crowd’ which exceeded twenty thousand dead threshold and wounded, except for great destruction in the city targeted some more than 80 per cent and the ability of Mosul municipality more than $ 50 billi