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VSDK: My updated thoughts:

I don’t want to break the no date rule, that’s for sure, so I’m not giving a date, I’m just saying that I have a very strong reason which (unfortunately b/c of its nature) I cannot share, about the rate change happening on 7-8… I believe everything points to it, the escrow thing going on, Abadi telling everybody they’re international & just everything going on really…

It just makes sense to me that they become international & secretly share the reate during the 1st half of the year & show it publically at the begining of the 2nd half of 2017… My “very strong” reason alone is strong enough to take me to 7-8… Again, I’m not saying it will happen then, but everything sure points out to it…

StephenMac63:  Even if “it”doesnt pop by the end of the month there is the pattern of dropping the zero on the 12th with July being the last month to do so so Im keeping grounded until then. But hey, if it happens faster then you certainly wont be hearing any complaints from my Peanut Gallery.


Iraq and Kuwait, putting the final touches to the natural gas import agreement


Since 06/26/2017 14:33 am (Baghdad time)

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The Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water of Kuwait Essam Al-Marzouk, Kuwait and Iraq, putting the final touches on the natural gas import agreement.

He said Al-Marzouk, in a press statement, “has been completed for the project technical details, is scheduled to be signed this summer.”

He explained that “Kuwait will initially import 50 million cubic feet per day of natural gas to rise this amount gradually to reach 200 million cubic feet.”

He noted that “negotiations are under way on setting prices and a forthcoming meeting of the Technical Committee in charge of importing natural study convened by gas from the Iraq file for the final agreement in this regard.”

He Marzouq, said that “the project will start signing import agreement, and then the pipe tracks tanker gas mode,” expected “This process takes one to two years, and is starting to import over the next year. is over