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Gdoggau:  I have been wondering for quite a while about this date and Backdoc’s sig.


FrostyTheSnowman was unable to transcribe call notes last night, If any become available we will post at once.

KTFA Monday Night Conference Call

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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Tmellraney:  I have a question. First. Hi Frank. My question is. Why would i want the ” LDs ” or ” usa dollar ” in for example ( Kuwait)  when im country that has a currency with more purchasing power unless those two currencies are equivalent to the same value of the country im in?

Gmoney:  In my thought process, here is what I am thinking.

1. Exchange in Iraq Atm’s and Banks would be either no spread, or very little spread 2% eliminating the

MCP’s and the money changers that take advantage of the citizens.

2. The reason they need to accept and give out USD is because our USD is well seeded in
all of those Countries. Lots of people travel, and many have held the USD

in Iraq, and this will allow them to exchange if traveling or if they just want to
exchange in the country.

The exchange would be the same in Kuwait  (3+ USD : 1 Kwd)
and same in S.Arabia (1 of their Rial’s is about .30 cents USD). But with the IQD, if those

ATM’s are unable to recognize the 000 notes, wow then they Have to come out over
1 cent, and as we all follow more than likely the 1:1 or higher.

Looking at those websites of the cars and the site similar to ebay, it looks very much like they are 1:1 with the prices they are showing on those websites in Iraq.

3. What a huge International Step, to be able to exchange what has been deemed a worthless currency, with their Counterparts in neighboring Countries. To me this screams International.

4. And what reason would they need LD’s if that rate is staying the same ? The LD’s to me
are very key In all of this, because at 1180:1 what is a 5 dinar note worth ? Apx 1/2 a cent..lol

I could be way off base here, but that is how I am looking at this.

Hope it helped a little.

Quincy:  My question on M CC in chat was this too, and your answer is my thought exactly. The only concern I had was if LD’s/USAD are loaded to ATM’s 8/20-8/21, doesn’t it make sense to go international then? No date-no rate on this forum…. but study screams the obvious.