Tigris and Euphrates» and revive the economy

08/08/2017 0:00

Mohammed Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi

In the wake of the financial crisis that hit Iraq in 2014 and accompanied by a security crisis, the fear and anxiety of the potential serious consequences of this crisis range has reached, and there were expectations of local experts and international that Iraq would collapse economically in the first half of the year 2015

And at best to the end of that General has issued such concerns by the ministers in the government !! when they said that the government would be unable to pay the salaries of its employees for lack of funds needed to secure the salaries of about 38 trillion dinars per year; no doubt that such attitudes and statements cast a negative reality all the details, Luba Employees fearful of the possibility of their salaries stopped.
Certainly the fears of this kind would be justified in a country that does not have any financial resources only oil, and with the continued state of collapse in prices, it was necessary to search for solutions and processors contribute to the transformation of the defense and try to get out of the crisis with minimal losses to the state average planning or the near term at least,

this is what happened really, was the outcome of Zlkalshrua by taking a number of treatments related to improving the reality of development among those solutions to reconsider investment projects and the creation of non – oil financial resources and other measures that prompted a number of international organizations and friendly countries to express readiness The provision of support for Iraq through soft loans.

But although pleased these loans and modesty its figures , but it eventually forms a burden on the economy and therefore, they need to manage efficient to achieve economic and social required feasibilityespecially after the great economic success that has been achieved in the second of the current month of August represented by the entry of Iraq into money markets World after the issuance of the second external sovereign bond international on behalf of the (Euphrates) and duration of more than five years, and the sudden thing is that more than 350 companies from global investment companies competed with each other to buy the Iraqi bond,

and represent these companies collectively financially set the world up to 12 Trilion dollars, while the volume of purchase orders reached about 6 trillion dollars to support (Euphrates) Iraq secured by the Iraqi government and not by any other international body as the first in Sindh (Tigris) , which safeguarded the United States government.

When we talk about investment blockbuster by international reputable companies to buy Iraqi bonds, it means that the outlet funding whatever will have its Iraq contributes to the financing of the chronic deficit of the budget, as well as for moving the wheel of economic activity,

and the other side will represent the economic accomplished reassuring and Chdjaaa for men business and investors to enter strongly to Iraq and participate in the reconstruction process of the liberated areas, and thus dispel all the concerns that were Taatari involved in economic affairs.

But the most important is that the management of this file is the level of importance, because scored , was not easy at all but it is the product of a large and strenuous efforts made by the national team members who were carrying the spirit of national high, as well as being eminent experts see them economic arenas at the national and international levels, so It should be done to maintain this sound and direction of the destination that serves the development of the country.


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المال العالمية

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Blinkster: (Translation):  “Especially after the Major economic success achieved on the second August month of Iraq’s entry into the global financial markets.”

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JJonesMX:  Somebody let the cat out of the bag because this is article 8 in its fullest form ……..Let’s hope for 10 to 30 day holds true; for Iraq as well, Because this article just said they are article 8…. in my opinion    Loose lips sink ships    Blessings to you     *JJ*

S41755k:  thanks Delta interesting the Dow is at record high$ too! follow the long line to$$$


Apmcrx:  Question…IMF meeting was in August 1st… so the 2nd Iraq enter the global markets so is it possible to be article 8 in effect then maybe Iraq notify the IMF in 8/1 a change in exchange rate within 30 days by law? Iraqi citizens will be paid 8/21 and then wait plus minus 10 days to receive the money… So Sept 1st looks good…..but… It will be better if we see any article talking about LDs soon…

Upstart:  I believe your reckoning is very close….Emphasis on “within” (wink)


McDan:  Stranger said (Post #74)  Post 78 Thursday Thread

BTW – they are going to have another meeting (3rd meeting) with the IMF … of course they are … (which may be about 15 minutes long) – monitoring their progress.

IMO….revaluing is the BEGINNING not the end and for a “newborn baby” (Iraq), I would think they would need some monitoring. They already received a “COMPLETE” after the 2nd IMF

Review……”MONITORING” = means they’ve been left with something to do BEFORE the next meeting or at least to maintain what was agreed upon during the last Reviews. What is left to do that they didn’t do? What did they just complete that was approved of during the 2nd Review?

They have removed the major word “GRADUAL” from the press.

IMO…the opposite of “gradual” is rapid….seems they are preparing the citizens

Just something to think about.


AnimatedRock:  Hmmm, if the “official price” is 1200 dinar for 3000 dollars, which the article might be implying, that puts us pretty close to that $2.42 rate that somebody keeps bringing up.

Just an observation. ~Rocky

Samson:  Rafidain determines the sale of dollars to pilgrims at the official price

8th August, 2017

Rafidain Bank announced the sale of the dollar to the pilgrims at the official price and through its branches specified in Baghdad and the provinces.

“The bank has directed its branches to sell the dollar to pilgrims who want to buy it at the official price,” the bank’s information office said in a statement.

He pointed out that “the bank set the official price is 1200 and three thousand dollars” for each pilgrim.


Samson:  Trade: Free spaces for countries wishing to participate in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair

8th August, 2017


The General Organization for Exhibitions and Commercial Services, the Ministry of Commerce, announced on Tuesday that free spaces are allocated for countries wishing to participate in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair, confirming that the free suites will be 9 square meters with decoration.

“The company has provided wings with an area of ​​9 square meters with an interior decoration exempt from full participation fees, for those wishing to participate in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair,” said General Manager Hashim Mohammad Hatem in a statement received by Al-Iktissad News.

He added that “the annual attention given by the Iraqi government to the Baghdad International Fair, and provide an environment conducive to the atmosphere of contracting and work, spurred many companies and businessmen to expand participation, despite the security challenges facing the region and Iraq in particular.” He explained that