Quincy: My question on M CC in chat was this too, and your answer is my thought exactly. The only concern I had was if LD’s/USAD are loaded to ATM’s 8/20-8/21, doesn’t it make sense to go international then? No date-no rate on this forum…. but study screams the obvious.

G-Money: True Quincy, but if there is a target date they have in mind, and if they are working toward getting everything done by that date, the LD’s could be loaded but ATM’s not activated until the CBI was ready.

And since the ATM’s are linkedto the CBI, I believe they can be activated at the flip of a switch (or computer program) right from the CBI.

Either way, I am ok with this month, next month, or in October when “Realistic” values for Currencies Should be the norm (imo of course / B.iii). And I agree, our Study Scream’s we are really, really close.

And on a side note, 6 Trillion in Bonds, Wow… Obviously somebody knows Iraq is going to be sitting pretty very soon, or they would not take that type of Ri$k… Big time investment for very Undervalued Country.

Between this 6 Trillion $ investment, and those banks that Invested in the bonds a couple weeks ago,

Yes Iraq is absolutely entering the free world without those Shackles that used to bind their feet.

Again all imo of course…….. Exciting times and History being made, and we all have a front row seat watching this all unfold.

Iobey777: Perhaps I misunderstood what was said, but I thought it was stated that they would be “turned on” in two weeks! Am I the only one who heard that? Being turned on and being loaded are two very different things! Just sayin’ they can’t “go live” without a rate!  Or can they??….hmmmmmmm

BigSpringTex55:  Loaded between 20/21st, Payroll 21st….. Paid 7 to 10 Days Later….ATM’s, Lower Denoms, International Rate walking into September………imo

Dena:  exactly what i was thinking.. follow the payroll..

Biglight3:  :  Wednesday CC July 26, 2017: Delta, “When you know the LD’s are about to come out … we’ll see the rate first…: The IMF told the GOI to lift the restrictions. All they need is the rate. They need the rate BEFORE the LD’s.”

Stranger:  Yes….and Frank said last night either BEFORE or WITH the LD’S….but…loading them and dispensing them are two different things imo….I suspect….they will be loaded and sit there until the last Thursday/Friday of the month = their payday….this would explain how it could bleed over into Sept. for us…


Itsmet:  Samson put up an article in yesterday’s post (#100 page 5) regarding the postponement of exit visas over the next 2 weeks from Iraq. I saw no reaction to this article. I thought the timing was odd, as in early September many will be heading on pilgrimage to SA. Could it be that the CBI doesn’t want any 000 notes leaving the country over the next 2 weeks as well. I no conspiracy theorist but, it caught my attention. Maybe I’m missing something. Any input is appreciated.


Walkingstick:   Abadi: negotiations with the State of Kuwait to resolve the file of compensation

8/8/2017 Now – KUNA 10:14:56 PM

Abadi: Negotiations with Kuwait to resolve …

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that negotiations are under way with the State of Kuwait to resolve the file of Kuwaiti compensation, which is the last item that hinders the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations
Abadi said in a press conference that ‘Iraq to resolve the file of oil for food with the United Nations left nothing to hinder his release from the seventh item, but the Iraqi compensation owed to the State of Kuwait’.

“There is now negotiation with Kuwait in this area, and the issue was discussed during my last visit to Kuwait,” he said.

He continued, ‘A Kuwaiti delegation came to Iraq for this purpose and there is now an Iraqi delegation to discuss the same subject’, expressing his hope to resolve the file and complete it completely to emerge Iraq from Chapter VII absolutely.

Abadi did not disclose the details of those negotiations and their results, nor did he mention the nature of the delegations currently negotiating them.

Iraq had ended a few days ago the file of oil for food with the United Nations, which in turn launched financial dues to Iraq was held until the resolution of the file.


Stranger:  Listening to the replay of last night…paraphrased….Frank said in regard to Ch7…”they are done….the weren’t suppose to have the IMF meeting until they had met ALL OF THE BENCHMARKS that were left”…and of course they met and it is history.


Don961:   Optical cable brings great economic returns to Iraq

09/8/2017 12:00 am

Serves all sectors and serves as an international gateway

Baghdad / Shukran al-Fatlawi

In order to boost economic revenues, in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country as a result of the decline of oil prices in the world markets, and to enable the possession of a government network insured will establish an effective electronic government in addition to making the Internet available to all Iraqis at high speeds and cheap prices, Optical cable (SCIS).

Director General of International Network Services (SCIS) Ali Mohammed Al-Qasab The project was completed by the state-of-the-art national digital platform based on a network of high-capacity fiber optic infrastructure that enables the country to have a secure network that places it in the ranks of the developed countries and makes it a non-consumer producer of data and information.

“The Iraqi government charges 17 percent of total project revenues (not profits) to the Ministry of Communications, as well as 20 percent of total revenue to the Ministry of Finance as sales tax,” Al-Qassab told Al-Sabah.

And 37 per cent of total revenues, which account for more than 65 per cent of profits, counted in very large amounts in light of the economic crisis experienced by the country as a result of the fall in world oil prices, which is considered the main source of the state budget.

Marine cables

Al-Qassab added that Iraq will be an international gateway to data stakes, which qualifies for the first time to benefit economically. He explained that Iraq has not benefited from this resource. Internet networks in the Gulf region and the Middle East are connected by marine cables, which are connected all over the world. , Adding that the light cables that pass through the Red Sea and Egypt or spread across the African continent, and because they are marine corridors, it has problems and difficulties in repairing cables when any cut, and may take weeks to repair sometimes, but the new network will add corridors of the current network of cables, A will increase the number of lanes Linking Europe to the Middle East and the Far East.

Added Value

Al-Qassab added that the optical cable project strengthens the country’s status as a leader in the technology market by activating the transit of international capacities. It also represents an added value to the Iraqi national security through finding interests for all countries of the world as a result of the passage of these international capacities in Iraq. Ensuring the safety and security of the country, not to mention that it provides a complete infrastructure for the establishment and activation of e-government, which contributes to the simplification of government procedures and linking all state institutions with a single secure network, which the country currently lacks.

He pointed out that the project works to provide secure infrastructure for the security and defense sectors through the processing of 6 light filaments and a length of 4000 km, especially the security and defense system, and is completely separated from any devices for the project, as well as providing ready infrastructure for projects of security surveillance cameras in cities, This system to 70 percent of the cost of connecting these cameras without a project.

Data centers

“The project ensures the creation of giant data centers that will enable it to be a product of information and knowledge, provide local capacity and an internal metro network, which opens the door to many applications in the fields of health, education and e-government, as well as the revival of commercial applications.

It also provides the basic infrastructure for mobile operators to provide 3G services and future generations. It will also increase the gross domestic product of Iraq as well as increase the per capita income of Iraq in proportion to the speed of the Internet, according to several studies and data of the World Bank and many other competent organizations. 

Project Equipment

He concluded by saying that the project is implemented and managed by the Ministry of Communications represented by the General Company for the services of the International Information Network and in partnership with the company (Ertlenk and Symphony Communications), pointing out that Cisco International is the one who provided the equipment and equipment of the project from Advanced and modern switches are responsible for technical support and maintenance of these devices.


Aggiedad77:   This one sentence caught my eye…..”Al-Qassab added that the optical cable project strengthens the country’s status as a leader in the technology market“……now ask yourself….with all we know about Iraq and how backward so much of their country happens to be…..for them to pop up on the radar screen rather suddenly to be a leader in the technology market for optical cable……does that make you want to put finger to the temple and go hmmmmm…..how did they do that……in the middle of a war on terrorism and all kinds of violence that has been ongoing since even before the US pulled out…..WOWSERS is all I can say…….I’m impressed.   Aloha   Randy

Don961:  Hey Randy …Yep … and how about this line ?? :

“It will also increase the gross domestic product of Iraq as well as increase the per capita income of Iraq in proportion to the speed of the Internet, according to several studies and data of the World Bank and many other competent organizations. “

Increase income ? In proportion to their State-of-the Art network ???  … That’s pretty fast !!!!! What ?? … Are they suddenly going to give their currency more purchasing power ??…. increase its value ???? 

Don961:  About Sadr’s visit to Saudi Arabia

09/8/2017 12:00 am

If Prime Minister Haider Abadi’s visit to Saudi Arabia on June 20 represented a diplomatic and political breakthrough (officially) to promote and consolidate relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr’s visit to Libya on July 30 represented

an important political and social breakthrough, Relations between the two countries.

It has been said and wrote a lot about this visit both inside Iraq and abroad and launched various analyzes and explanations about them and various positive and negative attitudes towards them and the assumption of a number of reasons and motives and the different objectives behind them and the consequences that could result at the national and regional levels.

However, whatever has been said and appreciated in its importance or criticism and objection, it has received prominent political and media attention at the local Iraqi and external levels and it represents itself, a political and social event has implications and dimensions that can not be underestimated, The efforts of Prime Minister Abadi, whether coordinated with him (which is likely) or not, because they are consistent and consistent with the policy of opening up to the Arab and regional environment and reconciliation with him, a policy that Abadi began to pursue since the formation of his government in September 2014 and desire or strive Melli to open a new page in Iraq’s foreign policy is contrary to the policies pursued by most successive governments in previous periods.

The visit and the evaluation of this visit at the internal and external levels have been viewed differently, while politicians and media see it as a visit that is in the interest of Iraq and Saudi Arabia as well as the interest of the region if Baghdad and Riyadh continue to strengthen the meetings and the official and popular sides in both countries to bridge the relationship on the basis of the participants , While other politicians and media, especially in Iraq, believe that Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr has made a big mistake in his visit to Saudi Arabia and his meeting with the deputy and son and crown prince of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, because of Saudi Arabia, according to them, the role in supporting terrorism And the hostility of Shiite Muslims in Iraq and the whole region, as well as hostility to Iran, Iraq’s neighbor and ally in various fields.

And if some of those critics of Sadr’s visit or objectors have the right to take these positions, which is believed that Mr. Sadr himself does not object to them as long as within the limits of objection and express opinion, but the sharp and tragic criticism of this visit and Mr. Sadr, as well as to visit Abbadi before it, And the soldiers of the electronic media army, which helps to create chaos in the ideas and positions Almkdp that obscures the quiet vision required to discuss and analyze this issue, and any other important political issue affect in one way or another on the general political situation .. are criticisms and positions are considered unacceptable and unacceptable And does not provide sound visions that take into account the national interests of Iraq and its people. First and foremost, to serve the interests of partisan, factional, sectarian and reconciliation or to serve foreign agendas at the expense of those national interests.

Therefore, apart from the contentious and even hostile attitudes of Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, some or all of his positions and practices, as well as away from the prejudices of Saudi Arabia, as a political system and a religious institution that is not in harmony with this regime, a careful consideration should be given to this visit. Abadi, before asking the question: how and to what extent can benefit the direction of the Iraqi government in this regard to improve and consolidate Iraq’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, as well as the visit of the late Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr? There is no doubt that the importance of strengthening the Iraqi-Saudi relations based on the national interests of Iraq, which can be the most important:

First: the need of Iraq’s maximum financial and military conditions to the widest political relations and at various levels with neighboring countries, especially with the geographical Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey and not with one without the other.

Second, the need for Iraq and its people to support the Gulf and Saudi Arabia in the reconstruction of Iraq, and may be the first countries to come to Iraq to request this assistance, and perhaps even call to top the declaration (Marshall Arab) modeled on the Marshall Plan to help Europe after World War II. 

Third: Iraq’s need for regional support – the Saudi – international to help the displaced from war, urging the reconstruction of their areas and return to their homes.

Fourth: What will result in strengthening and strengthening Iraq’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is to break the sectarian strife between the Saudi religious establishment and the Shiites of Iraq and the region, thus helping to create the atmosphere and the appropriate conditions for understanding, dialogue and consensus on the participants and isolating the forces and factors of extremism, fanaticism and suffocation.

Fifthly: the reflection of these conditions and their positive repercussions on the political situation in Iraq towards the Saudi position at a distance from one of the components of the Iraqi people and end the situation of polarization harmful to some parties at the expense of the other to confuse the situation and the political process in Iraq.


Aggiedad77:  IMO I believe what we are seeing is the cusp of a beginning…..a new beginning for Iraq in the ME arena…..SA recognizes they will not be king of the oil pile much longer and for whatever reason they want to ally themselves with Iraq….some kind of positioning for future safety perhaps……they are seizing a moment…..to perhaps drive a wedge with Iran…..I pray this works….as Iran needs to know their belligerent and terrorist support needs to come to an end…..let Iraq be no one’s puppet….especially that of Iran.  Aloha   Randy