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Manaolana3: Mon’s CC was heaven-scent, as in, the sweet scent of a pikake lei that leaves a lasting fragrance and impression.

So many clues suggests they are further along than we know, or, they care to admit, because of their actions, and the speed in which they are doing things.

My biggest take-away was, that the Iraqi currency is now recognized internationally, and on par with the US dollar, per the article you BF on 7-28 thread, post 176, and BF again on subsequent threads. This is huge Walkingstick!

Thank you! Confirms they are Article VIII compliant, and they lifted their restrictions, as you all have been telling us. The evidence is in print, and it is unfolding right before our very eyes.

My copy of the Turkmenistan’s article is like a road-map in itself! It’s high-lighted, sequentially numbered, asterisked, with hand-written notes scribbled all over it. I refer to it now and then just to compare notes.

After reviewing the article, the talking points from Mon’s CC, the revelation by Frank that the 2nd article draft is complete, tells me they are on the brink (cusp) of doing the final steps. In my strong opinion, the 2nd article should be making its’ debut anytime now, and the new smaller notes needs to make its’ way into the ATM machines, followed by the 24-hr advance notice to the banks to activate the ATM’s,

and, lastly, into the hands of the citizens, shop owners, and employees very quickly.

Frank spoke of internationalism. My thoughts exactly, as many articles reveal they are conducting business on an international level from banks, to contracts, partnerships, MOU’s…the whole nine yards. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline that ought to build confidence and create optimism among the citizens, businesses, global community, and foreign investors.

Pres Trump used the words, “nicely and quickly,” at his rally today in Tampa, FL. I think the CBI should take their cue from him…or, did they! Wait a minute. Could it be Pres Trump just gave the biggest clue of all? He’s been using the words “very quickly” often, and today, “nicely and quickly.” Could it

be he’s sending someone a message? Nah! Can’t be…could it?

Someone ought to track every time he uses those words, and see what happens after…since there’s been so many leaks!!!

Imagine that, the Pres himself, might be the biggest leaker of them all! You’re silly for even suggesting that Mana! Time to shut this down! One more…You know me. Need to share the big picture…

Iraq is no longer in shackles, bound by financial sanctions, andyears of economic deprivation and stagnation. Internal turmoil,  the war on terror, political instability, poverty, corruption, and  oppression, are a thing of the past.

Safety and security createda suitable environment to enable Article VIII to liberate Iraq, to
move forward on so many different levels with their economic agenda, to grow their economy, create millions of jobs, foster a climate of financial inclusion for its’ citizens, businesses, and the global community, thus, enhancing the quality of life for  all.

Iraq is on her way to make a huge impact on the worldstage. You gotta love what they are doing, because what they are doing, will leave a lasting impression that will be the envy of the whole world.


AnotherMailman:  Seems like Iraq likes to do things on the 5th of any given month. March 5th, Iraq published in the gazette that each Iraqi citizen would receive a share of the oil wealth. August 5th, Iraq along with the Kurds, set to go International with their stock markets. September 5th, activate the law of the National Oil Company. Seems like things are heating up!

MadeeandLyndee:  IMO: this is saying the law will go into effect and as of Sept. 5th, Iraqis will start getting their profit from the oil.

Cleitus:  …, and on August 5th the ISX will join the Kurdish Stock Exchange to begin trading with outside world.    NOTE: Made correction from September 5th to August 5th.

Don961:  Away from the protests .. Iraqis are waiting to activate the law of the National Oil Company in September

2018/7/31 10:02:43 AM

Parliamentarians and economists and the Iraqi street are expected to sign on September 5, the date of announcing the activation of the law of the National Oil Company, which set 10 percent of the sales of oil to put in special funds for distribution to the Iraqis.

To abide by the date stipulated by the law, to restore confidence between the street and the government, especially that the law will give each citizen a share of the oil of his country.

The law of the National Oil Company includes a clause that the Executive Authority must implement six months after its approval by the Chamber of Deputies. The law entered into force on 17 April last after it was published in the official newspaper. On 5 March, Which gave each Iraqi resident within the country a share of oil deducted 10 percent of total sales.
The MP for the province of Basra, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the government to «respect the date provided by the law, most citizens are convinced that any law benefit from it financially initiated and not work, which will increase internal tension».

Maliki said in a statement that «the law is a national achievement distinctive, and almost the best for the Iraqis since 2003, as will give each Iraqi share of the oil of his country in a fair and clear».

He stressed that «the provisions of the law can reduce poverty rates and increase the welfare of the citizen and strengthen the national spirit and the sense of equality for all». “This law does not include Iraqis abroad. Therefore, it will be considered an invitation to the return of our children from the expatriates and immigrants. Our country is poor, but the conditions forced citizens to travel, along with the mismanagement and occupation, and resulting in chaos and corruption that led to unsatisfactory results for the people.”

As for the conflict of law with other laws, Maliki said: “It will not conflict with any other law such as petrodollars or oil licenses and oil investment agreements with foreign companies, because it is a deduction of 10 percent of the proceeds of selling oil in the United Nations Development Fund for Iraq, The transfer of funds to the Central Bank, which will distribute the amounts in the form of shares on behalf of every citizen ». And the quotas of oil-producing provinces,

Maliki said that «the budget and in agreement with the Prime Minister granted provinces producing under the Petrodollar 20% will be devoted to the fulfillment of debts or allocations that have not been implemented during the past years with the actual quota of 5 percent for each barrel product, will be allocated service projects to productive provinces and develop their reality Al-Omrani, Al-Khademi and others. ”

“The National Oil Company has allocated a fund for generations, and the shares in the national company is not bought or sold because it belongs to the citizen, a law that would achieve economic benefit for the Iraqi people,” said a member of the former oil and gas committee. The law required the Kurdistan region to hand over the quantities of oil produced in its fields to the national oil marketing company «Sumo», otherwise they will not be given to the residents of the region ».

Source: Al Hayat newspaper  link


Don961:  Learn about the legal position of the Abadi government by July 31

BAGHDAD – The legal expert Tareq Harb has denied the reports that the current government of Haidar al-Abadi has ended his term of office on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

Harb said that “the news that the end of the life of the government of Abbadi, inaccurate, and authorized ignorance of legal materials,” noting that “the government of Abadi remains intact and will not end Tuesday, nor in the coming days.”

He added that “the end of the life of the government will be after the new House of Representatives vote on the new ministerial cabin, that is, the current government remains full powers during the House of Representatives held its first meeting and the selection of a new president.”

The legal expert pointed out that “the government of Abbadi will die after the parliament vote on the new Prime Minister and his new ministers.”

The war, has confirmed on the first of July 2018, that the current government will remain as long as the duration of time, exercise its powers fully until the election of another new, by the new House of Representatives   link

Samson:  No promotion for their transactions .. Retirement stops salaries of ex-MPs

31st July, 2018

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, the General Retirement Service decided to suspend the payment of pensions to members of the former House of Representatives, members of the National Assembly and the deputies of the outgoing parliamentary session, confirming that the step came in accordance with the decision of the Federal Court to suspend the law of the House of Representatives 2018.

The decision came at a time when the Department of Retirement, continuing its completion of the calculation of the duration of the contract as an actual service, while revealed the near launch of the end of service reward for the tenth and twelfth parties for retirees

The director of the General Authority for Retirement, Ahmad Abdul Jalil al-Saadi said in a statement to the newspaper “morning” and followed by “obituary”, that the Department declined to hand over pensions or promote transactions of members of the former House of Representatives, members of the National Assembly, and deputies of the current session ended, The step came in accordance with the decision of the Federal Court to suspend the law of the House of Representatives and its formations No. 13 of 2018

Al-Saadi added that the Commission, in accordance with this decision, suspended the promotion of pension transactions and the granting of salaries for members of Parliament, pointing out that the MP, if an employee after the end of the term of the election cycle back to his previous job with the calculation of the term of service in parliament for the purposes of premium and promotion except for the military and judges

Al-Saadi said that the decision of the Federal Court suspended the completion of pension transactions for former MPs, noting that work is now on granting retired parliamentarians, the salary due before their membership in the House of Representatives, noting that this decision included all members of the House of Representatives, including members of the National Assembly

In another context, Al-Saadi confirmed that the Authority is continuing to complete the transactions of calculating the duration of the contract, but there are departments have contracts with the staff in large numbers and others in which the numbers are limited and the Department organized and receive transactions in the form of meals and in the case of fixation on the owners promote transactions smoothly,

Completion of payment procedures for end of service benefits for civilian retirees, and it is hoped that during the delivery days of the tenth and twelfth meals   LINK

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