Rich4hyip: I hope I’m not superstitious or implying any date, but Wednesday is August  8 of 2018….there are a lot of eights on that day…..this is a very lucky number in Chinese minds……represents prosperity, abundance and wealthy. …whatever we do especially big events, we prefer to choose this number to bring good luck…..maybe it means nothing….anyway we are already at the doorstep of this occurring,….let’s see what happens next few days.



847 foreign companies work with Iraqi public sector, ministry

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Labor Ministry announced that 847 foreign companies are working

with the public sector.

The ministry called the ministries to abide by the stipulation that 50% of the workers should be Iraqis.

No other details were given


Iobey777:   Sounds like some CONTRACTS are being used! IMO!!!


Don961:  Abadi: Iraq has passed the challenges and victory

Author: Sabah

Date: 8/2/2018

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, during a meeting with a delegation of dignitaries, sheikhs and the people of Karbala, issued 29 directives to provide services and eliminate unemployment in the province, stressing the need to launch appointments and include the sons of the province by appointment in the refinery of Karbala. With the security forces and the fatwa of the holy jihad to allow Sayyid al-Sistani, he pointed out that the country has passed the previous challenges and won the cooperation of his sons and we will achieve reconstruction and construction also with our cooperation and record time.

This comes at a time when the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, on Wednesday, the continuation of the Committee on the performance of the government in raising the daily reports of the Prime Minister on the failure of some officials in the performance of their work, stressing that all decisions to withdraw the hand took place after confirming the failure in the performance.

A statement to the Prime Minister’s Information Office, received by the «morning» that «Abbadi received a delegation of dignitaries and elders and people of the province of Karbala, and the local government in the presence of the reconstruction and services in the provinces».

Abadi stressed during the meeting that «the country has passed the previous challenges and won the cooperation of his sons and we will achieve reconstruction and construction also with our cooperation and a record period» indicating that the province of Karbala have privacy and pressure on the influx of citizens and we take into account this aspect.

The prime minister pointed out that the steadfastness of the Iraqis was in their solidarity with the security forces and the fatwa of the holy jihad for Sayyid al-Sistani’s tolerance. They achieved the victory that the world described as a miracle. “The sabotage takes place in a moment and the building needs years, especially construction after sabotage, To remove the devastation. ”

While Abadi pointed out «the right to peaceful demonstration, and it is a healthy phenomenon and useful to listen to the demands of citizens» in the light of the meeting, the following:

1. The Ministry of Agriculture shall take the necessary measures to activate the agricultural sector in the province and submit an urgent plan for approval by the Council of Ministers.

2 – Financing the necessary allocations for hospitals and specialized centers in the province of Karbala of medicines and medical supplies and consider the needs provided by Karbala Health Department.

3 – The High Authority for Coordination between the provinces to report on the level of implementation of the transfer of powers from ministries to local governments at the next meeting of the Commission to resolve the transfer.

4. Accelerate the completion of the Turkish Hospital and Children’s Hospital.

5 – Financing the completion of the metallic silo in Karbala.

6 – inclusion of the sons of Karbala appointment in the refinery of Karbala.

7. The National Investment Authority and Karbala Investment Authority shall activate and follow up the investment opportunities established in the investment map in coordination with the local government.

8. The Ministry of Finance shall provide the necessary funds to complete the construction of the school buildings, where the completion rate is 90 per cent and the requirements of the file submitted by the General Directorate of Education of Karbala.

9. Reactivating the Agricultural Initiative, Agricultural Bank loans, rescheduling of debts and interest on loans whose projects have been damaged by weather conditions or water scarcity. link