Inneedofgrace: I remember what BACDOC always said [email protected]   Looking forward to see what happens on 8/8/18.   Just thinking out loud. We are all here for a reason.

God Bless

ChrisC.: You’re right!  We haven’t heard from him in so long that I forgot that is how he always signed off.  When it was January I always hoped he was wrong, now that it is August I hope he is right!  Always enjoyed reading his comments.


Don961:  Iraq’s oil will cover the world in the coming years: Turkish expert

August 03 2018 10:48 AM

Iraqi oil company

Turkish oil expert, Atella Edemer said that Iraq’s oil will cover the whole world in the coming years.

“After the end of war against ISIS, big international companies and modern technologies are entering Iraq. Iraq can cover the world with oil in the next few years”, Edemer said in a statement.

Edemer pointed out that most Turkish companies have entered into partnership with other companies to extract and explore oil in northern and southern Iraq.

“If Iraq’s security situation became stabilized and political problems have ended, Iraq’s oil situation will witness a huge growth”, he said.  link