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Samson: Two men were brought to trial in Britain for paying bribes for oil contracts in Iraq

12:25 – 02/12/2017

Two people are due to be brought to the Westminster District Court in Britain on charges of paying bribes to obtain oil contracts for Iraq.

The 62-year-old Stephen Whitley and 65-year-old Paul Bond are facing charges of making corrupt payments to secure oil contracts in Iraq to Enoil, the agent of SP Offshore, the London-based Evening Express reported in a news release. “The allegations are related to corrupt behavior within the French company Enoil, based in the French city of Monaco between 2005 and 2011,” she said. According to the Anti-Fraud Office.

“Whitley, who was vice president of SPM Offshore and the land manager of En Oil in Iraq, Angola and Kazakhstan, is facing a single charge of corruption,” said Whitley, who lives in France and is the top sales manager at IBM.

Last year, the defendants were sent to two other men last month and the four men will appear before the court on Thursday.



Samson:  Ghanmi: Corruption and terrorism are two sides of a single coin

20:20 – 02/12/2017

The chief of staff of the army, General Othman al-Ghanmi, said on Saturday that corruption and terrorism are two sides of the same coin, pointing out that they have a national responsibility to fight corruption and preserve public money.

“The great role played by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and his presence in the headquarters of joint operations and battlefields has given them a great national responsibility towards the people in fighting corruption and maintaining public money,” al-Ghanmi said at the annual chief of staff’s conference. “He said.

He stressed the need, “the completion of transactions for the rights of martyrs and wounded being a secretariat in their necks,” as he put it.

“Corruption and terrorism are two sides of the same coin,” he said.

He pointed out that “the banner of God Akbar will remain in the throes of avoidance of leaders and commanders in all regions of the country,” praising the hard work of the leaders and the orders down to the ranks.

“We must prove to the whole world the importance of the victory that achieved security and peace for all countries of the world and reflect the bright image of our armed forces,” he said, directing commanders and commanders to preserve this achievement and to draw lessons from the battle against terrorism. And return to the contexts and address the struggling and find appropriate solutions to them. ”