Samson: Saudi report: Barzani’s fortune reached 48 billion dollars

4th August, 2018

Saudi report revealed that the wealth of former Kurdish president Massoud Barzani has reached 48 billion dollars, indicating that his wealth is bonds, real estate and stakes in foreign companies .

The newspaper “Al Watan” Saudi Arabia in a report seen by (information), “The international watchdogs to monitor the movement of funds and transport confirmed that the size of funds of political leaders and former officials in Iraq, amounted to more than 200 billion dollars in the form of liquid funds and real estate and investments in countries Arab and foreign . ”

The newspaper added that “the funds of the former Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani amounted to 48 billion dollars,” noting that “it is a bond, real estate and bets in Swiss companies, German and Italian .”

The newspaper pointed out in its report that “there are other figures included in the list amounted to about $ 173 billion dollars of property is immovable apartments, houses and gold coins.”   LINK


Dfieldzy: Hey peeps haven’t posted in a long time but wanted to share.

Not sure how to post a video but CBS news was talking about the Dinar this morning and De’larue printing the currency. They had bank notes blasted all over the tv. Not the new ones but they were there.  I took a video of it but not sure how to post it.


Samson: The spread of demonstrations in Iran in protest against corruption and mismanagement

4th August, 2018

Demonstrations condemning corruption and mismanagement have begun to spread across all Iranian cities and provinces, Iranian media reported Saturday.

The protestors attacked late last night a religious estate in the Karaj district near Tehran. “Around 500 demonstrators attacked the school around 9:00 pm (Friday), trying to break down and burn things,” said the director of the estate, Hojjat al-Islam Hindiani.  Hindiani also said that the protesters “arrived with stones and broke all the windows of the prayer hall chanting slogans against the regime,” adding that the police dispersed the demonstrators and arrested some of them.

Iranian government agencies said late Thursday that “isolated demonstrations” included several hundred people in several cities in the country, such as Shiraz (south) and Ahwaz (south-west) and Mashhad (northeast) and Karaj near Tehran.”  LINK