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The Central Bank has announced a tender for the printing of new banknotes SMALL NOTES AT INTERNATIONAL COPMANIES (Fireworks)

Apmcrx: Wow now they start talking….. is coming!!!!!

CBGolden: Thank you, Delta.  Lower denoms for the citizens!  Praise God!

Raoddog: Delta, wouldn’t this cause people to realize the rate is going to change? I would think this would cause massive buying of Dinar if they don’t do it soon.


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press: 

The Central Bank of Iraq called for the need to preserve the local currency, pointing to the strengthening of local banks in local currencies of small groups. 

A source from the Central Bank of “Al-Ghad Press”, said on Tuesday that “the bank calls for the preservation of the local currency and the strengthening of banks with small groups of local currency,” pointing out that “the printing of the Iraqi currency and replace them cost amounts,” calling on citizens to maintain and maintain Bank notes when trading “.

He revealed that “the Central Bank has announced a tender for the printing of new banknotes (small categories) at the international printing companies.” 

The source said that “the Central Bank to pay cash from small groups to government banks and private banks have been distributed amounts given to banks during the month of November last year of the current (554,000,000) dinars (one hundred and fifty-four million dinars) category 1000 dinars and the amount of (202,500,000) Dinars (two hundred and two million five hundred thousand dinars) category of 500 dinars, “adding that” the Central Bank of Iraq pays to the Rafidain and Rashid Bank an amount of not less than (200 million) dinars (two hundred million dinars to change) in almost every withdrawal of its own assets.


The Snod:  Surreal.  We thought they would have to say something before the event.  And if they did, you would think that info couldn’t  just ‘hang’ out there for too long…..

Frank26: IS THIS LEAKAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………. WELL IT DEPENDS ……… GET IT ? !!! (Big Grin)