Ehankins: I will say this in my opinion… I just heard from a prominent evangelist on TV that the 23rd of September is a significant date for many many , things according to the timeline of God. It lined up solid with the Jewish calendar and goes all the way back in to history according to Creation and God’s will for mankind. I’ll leave it at that and will say the 23rd of September is more than just a Monday coming up…


GodsServant: “The meeting was chaired by Mr. Mohammed Mansour Zemam, Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen and Chairman of the current session of the Board in the presence of the Governors of the Central Banks and the Arab Monetary Institutions, as well as observers from the League of Arab States, the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, the Union of Arab Banks, Middle East and North Africa, as well as the presence of Arab executives at the IMF and the World Bank and the Director General of the Bank for International Settlements.”

KONA , Look at the cast of who attended this meeting and the motivation they share to get the RI done.

Timing, and IMO it was not about a report card, and more about execution along with contracts being signed so proper remuneration is confirmed. IMO


Jay:  GS. Yep. I said something similar 18 hrs ago in TC —-> “”” The BIS IMF & WB along with Kuwait and Iraqi cbi at thses meetings IN JORDAN was, IS … huge imo. “””<— me talking. lol.

Imo, Kuwait Gov of the CBI is telling the BIS that they are good with Iraq. THEN!!!…..IMO BIS tells ALAK here is your date to RI. Pure speculation on my part. But why would they ALLLLL be meeting in JORDAN of all places??? INTRISTIN….. JORDAN……

allllll imo only.



Thomas:  Well let’s hope some of these attendees slipped thee Iraqis something to get their butts in gear and get this RV RI done. IMO this is long overdue. Even whales give birth in 18 months. Iraq has been at this 10 years…. I guess if we equate months to years we have 8 more years to go.

Maybe this is the definition of insanity in action   Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!