MilitiaMan: “Naming CBI’s Governor as the best Arab Central Bank Governor for 2018
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, received the Best Central Bank Governor of Arab Countries by the Union of Arab Banks during the 2018 Arab Banking Summit, which is held in the French capital Paris.

This recognition came in the light of the many achievements made at a local and international level in several areas, notably the maintaining exchange rate and closing the gap between the official rate and the market rate, as well as the significant development of the payment system and electronic payment systems, as well as the advanced work done in the field of AML/CFT.”

Yes, and let’s see if they designate Alak as a seated Gov.. Whether they set the date to meet him tomorrow or not, we’ll find out soon enough if the date gets set tomorrow.. IMO. With having his name on the currency, they have plans for him already.. imo.~ MM


Iobey777:  OK…I have just been thinking (now don’t laugh) about how Walkingstick has told us that the articles could be weeks behind and how they tell us what they want to.. when they want to tell us!!

Just suppose ALL of this has been DONE and Alak is now the “official” CBI Governor and they are about to tell us!!  Just all IMO!! Let the smoke clear!!

Boxman:   Thats crazy talk…i know its crazy, because i agree…lol..

MilitiaMan:  The currency with his name on it and that he can even have coins in his name, is a very large eye opener.. imo So your not far off as far as I am concerned.  ~  MM


Samson:  More than 30 suspects have been arrested on charges of murder, theft and counterfeiting in Baghdad

10th October, 2018

Security forces arrested 35 suspects in various cases in Baghdad.

The Criminal Investigation Directorate said in a statement that its detachments arrested three suspects wanted for murder in the areas of Husayniyah, Al-Ma’adin and Sadr City.

A gang was arrested for robbing a person of money and gold jewelry in the Mahmudiya area. He was accused of stealing 25 million dinars from a house in the Bayaa area and another in the Adhamiya area for stealing 5 million dinars.

“The forces also arrested an accused of stealing 5 million dinars from a house in the Husseiniya area and three accused of theft in the areas of Taji, Karrada, Bab al-Sheikh, Bayaa and al-Khadra.

She said that an accused was held in his possession (false identities) at the rank of officer in the Ministry of Interior and another identity belonging to the prime minister.   LINK

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