Don961: Economy in Iraq

Monday 11 June 2018

Ibrahim Al-Mahjoub

Iraq has enormous economic potential of natural resources and human capabilities and will speak within parts that could be the beginning to write a book in the future. It will start from the human wealth that can contribute to managing the largest factories in the country.

Today, we have universities and institutes that graduate thousands of students each year with various technical, administrative, financial, economic and commercial marketing disciplines.

Today, colleges are looking for the precise jurisdiction that serves industry, agriculture and national trade. And looking for the introduction of modern scientific competencies have the ability to manage modern technology in Iraq and keep abreast of the scientific development in the world enthusiastic about the management of mega projects, which was still controlled by large companies under the pretext of investment, especially in the field of oil and energy and renewable energy ..

All engineering faculties, especially oil and energy engineering have outputs capable of managing the oil industry from the stage of exploration and the search for fields to the stage of implementation and then the stage of extraction and then the stage of industry, which includes refining and production of all oil derivatives through the construction of giant refineries can provide the national need and export surplus to other countries As well as the sustainability of all energy projects that are directly related to the oil sector. And provide job opportunities for many graduates through these projects ..

Today in Iraq there are 35 thirty-five government universities that annually graduate each university from five hundred to ten thousand students every year in addition to ten technical colleges and more than twenty five institutes to bring out more than five thousand students annually in the whole of Iraq and more than sixty universities and colleges graduate each Two hundred to one thousand students annually. All scientific, literary and technical specialties are in these universities and applied, technical and administrative institutes. This is for higher education. The preparatory education, I mean the industrial, commercial, agricultural and Islamic economics, With thousands of qualified human and technical cadres as technical hands.

The share of engineering and industrial specialties is the largest of many. Especially after the introduction of new departments and colleges within the strict jurisdiction of the national industry and oil industry from the outputs of the faculties of oil and gas engineering and specialized oil institutes .. and colleges of engineering and computer sciences and technical colleges with industrial competence .. and chemical engineering and chemistry sciences in addition to electronic engineering and techniques and mechanical and electrical engineering, The first is in the fields of engineering. Added geological sciences from the earth sciences to determine the location and quality of minerals. They are installed on the maps prepared for this purpose, which developed into discovery by air.

Then we turn to the engineering and techniques of electronic and communications, which has become one of the main arteries in public life, which falls in all specialties and development projects, industrial, agricultural and commercial ..

As for the electrical and mechanical engineering, the need for industry and agriculture in general and is the backbone of all mega projects in the country ..

These scientific competencies today need to be integrated into the Iraqi national economy and through which service projects and productive projects can be achieved. We can achieve imports in addition to the public budget in the state and the exploitation of vast lands in the western side of Iraq by building factories, refineries, factories and many facilities. And the integration of the private sector through support only infrastructure and facilitate its functions within the plan set by the ministries of planning, industry, science and agriculture and a clear road map to ensure the rights of the private sector before starting work ..

And to be closer to the investment system and perhaps the system Mstachp for the project land. And reduce taxes until the completion and production of these projects.

Then we will provide billions of hard currency to the Iraqi treasury. And the experiences of the countries of the region, especially neighboring Turkey in this area the best guide and model to do so. A small part of the budget with the successful strategic planning of these projects and set up in the form of large industrial cities and the exploitation of human energy mentioned above and what is available from our hands and technical expertise, Of the three million people who have the skill and technical profession such as construction workers, blacksmiths, drilling workers, maintenance and trade and all other technical professions that contribute to the industrial sector and oil and raise production in these areas ..

Graduates from administrative disciplines will be actively involved in everything. These projects and factories need an academic management with experience in management and administrative systems, as well as management of other fields such as industry, trade and agriculture.     link


Don961:  Iraqi economy between reality and ambition

Thursday 14 June 2018

Ibrahim Al-Mahjoub

Today we turn to the third natural wealth in Iraq, which is part of many uses in industry. It is a sulfur substance located in the Mashraq area, 40 kilometers south of Mosul. It has a large reserve, which is the world’s largest reservoir of 600 million tons.

There is also in Iraq a kind of sulfur comes out of the type of oil extracted, which is the acidic oil containing H2S gas, and after it is left we have sulfur in the form of blocks and powder yellow or in the form of slices of yellow. This type is located in the company refineries of the north in Kirkuk

Sulfur is used in the manufacture of gunpowder and is used in agricultural applications to neutralize soil alkalinity and control insects and pests that infect plants by mixing them with sulfuric acid, which is the ground sulfur. The main sulfur applications are also used in the preparation of a sulfur compound which is the most important commercial chemical in the world and sulfuric acid.

Containing sulfur, including some types of fertilizers, explosives, rubber, shampoo and batteries and is part of the global gold refining industry.

It is used in the production of dyes, paints, paper, textiles and a number of industrial chemicals as well as chemicals that are included in the materials of the imaging laboratories, and sulfur is used in the pharmaceutical industry as one of the ingredients used for the treatment of some skin diseases.

Sulfur in the construction and paving of roads instead of asphalt Here we point out that the road paved with sulfur is long and does not need maintenance in the future. As well as sulfur in the manufacture and production of alum based on concentrated sulfuric acid and aluminum hydroxide, this material is very important for the liquidation of water and enter into some medical fields. (22) exploratory and productive wells, and the continuous work to dig (42) productive wells enough to produce (500) thousand tons per year of pure raw sulfur ..

The national wealth of this article contribute to the improvement of imports of the country and despite the low prices for prices But it contributes greatly to the creation of many employment opportunities as well as the transfer of this article during the sale, it will revive the public and private transport sector, the public sector will have trains belonging to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and ships belonging to the same ministry a large share in the transfer of this article and take advantage of the wages of transport as well as cars And charger T the private sector that is currently experiencing unemployment will become Iraq has the largest fleet of road transport and maritime if Mtatvt efforts and invested sulfur properly .oppema production of sulfur we can revive our economy in industry, agriculture, trade and transport.

Some countries have one or two oil refineries and they have little oil and what remains after the liquidation of oil from sulfur, which is considered among the main assets of it and is included in the accounts of the state budget .. Vkiv in Iraq, which has the largest reserves of sulfur and most importantly, this reserve is subject to increase. It has now discovered a new sulfur field on the left side of the Tigris River opposite the Mashraq sulphate field, which is located on the right bank of the river.

The State is required today to encourage the private sector to participate in this important vital sector by encouraging the construction of factories that enter sulfur directly within its products. We can diversify the sources of national income by making and exporting these products abroad and bringing their prices as a difficult currency to the local market. And to contribute to enhance the balance of the Iraqi dinar ..

The State should also encourage research and scientific studies by building laboratories for Iraqi researchers specialized in this aspect and forming scientific teams with the universities to benefit from sulfur in other industries that may change the actual and economic value of this material and be a special section within the public company of the Mashraq sulfur consists of laboratories And the supervisors are university professors. The work should be continuous and systematic according to scientific research and encourage the holders of higher degrees to submit their researches on the sulfur industry in all fields.   link

Don961:  Iraqi economy between reality and ambition

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Ibrahim Al-Mahjoub

The process of extracting oil and natural gas must be accompanied by the construction of giant refineries that we can provide all the oil derivatives of oil and electricity generation, which is a priority for the wheel of life and the maintenance of factories and large companies. If we imposed the need for Iraq to giant refineries like the refinery currently destroyed Behai and be contracted devices The equipment will be in the form of long-term purchase, and will be built and built by Iraqi hands.

Production will be to meet the local need of all oil derivatives and not to import them in foreign currency and export the surplus of these derivatives and the prices in force globally, thus achieving high financial abundance We assumed that the price of a barrel of crude oil is equivalent to sixty dollars, selling it after liquidation and converting it to oil derivatives will double its price and thus we have achieved the first gain oil price difference between the product and crude and recording revenues to the state treasury.

The second is the employment of tens of thousands of graduates and professionals, guaranteeing a free and dignified life for them and their families and eliminating the rampant unemployment in this country. As for the construction of refineries, we must combine factories in industrial cities to facilitate the provision of infrastructure and underground infrastructure services for industrial activity, Separately and easily to study the problems of industry and find them and to create a precise scientific distribution of industrial activity in the industrial cities on the whole country and be far from the residential cities.

It will be the first industrial city on the island, Mosul and spend Rawa in Anbar and the state can set up the largest industrial city, where there are an area of ​​thousands of square kilometers and which can build a large refinery in addition to cement plants and industries, electric and many other plants will be learned from the western and northern provinces of the industrial city site

The second industrial city can be built between the island between Anbar province and the holy province of Karbala towards the Karbala cement plant and this area has large areas larger than the first city. It will include the construction of a large refinery and a large industrial production facility, ceramics factories and glass containers where the region has glass sand and other medium laboratories And small to support the local market with all the needs and requirements of life ..

And the third large city will be in the area between the desert Samawah, Muthanna province and Badia province of Najaf, and the area and its projects are less than we mentioned earlier. But in this industrial city, it is possible to build a large refinery with factories for the manufacture of cars after obtaining the approval of the original companies and granting a concession to this company and large cement plants Kon The raw material is widely available there and the city is connected directly to the port of Basra. The process of transporting goods imported or exported from abroad also facilitates the addition of the land road between Jordan and Iraq.

That if these giant cities were applied on the ground will revive the economic development in the country and raise the per capita income to the highest level in the region ..

Thus, Iraq is moving from the stage of a developing country to a large industrial state like the major industrialized countries in the region such as Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore and other developed countries.

Giving the biggest role to the private sector in these cities will make more profits than the public sector. This will remove the state from the existing career decline and the state imports to support the basic services of the citizen and end the deficit in the state budget and turn into an annual surplus that guarantees the future of future generations.

The implementation of these projects and industrial cities and the fact that an adequate area of ​​land exist not to cost the state materially, but must be within the planning of the administrative management of all aspects of technical and administrative.

But the return will be very positive to raise the domestic product and the exploitation of vast land arid and deprived of life, despite the proximity of the borders of cities and administrative units. Therefore, the establishment of such projects will restore the land of life and become more qualified population and provide security and shorten the roads between the provinces. For agriculture, the establishment of such major industrial cities will be re-served by the state and will become the rent and imports in addition to taxes that result from the import and export of raw materials and materials exported within the treasury of the state and raise the surplus in the treasury.

On the environmental side, these projects will adhere to the high quality standards, which make them within the international standards that contribute to the preservation of the environment and under the terms of praise these cities and projects in green areas and the land on which these plants are suitable for agriculture, especially trees and plants evergreen ..   link

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