Samson: Goldman Sachs: Oil price will reach $ 80

18th June, 2018

“Goldman Sachs” bank predicted that the price of oil jumps back to $ 80 a barrel in the coming months, despite fears of increased OPEC production

In a report released Monday, the bank said the update on the supply-demand balance was continuing to signal a further decline in inventories in the second half of 2018, citing the US-based CNBC

He said he was still keeping his estimate of Brent crude at $ 82.50 per barrel during the summer

Members and non-Opec members meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss production developments, amid expectations of an agreement to increase supplies

On the level of estimates of increased oil production by OPEC, the US bank said it will raise production by one million barrels per day by the end of 2018, and by 500 thousand barrels per day in the first six months of 2019

The impact of those steps is likely to be offset by supply disruptions in Venezuela and Iran, she said

The oil market is still struggling with demand growth and rising unrest, which requires more production from OPEC and Russia, to avoid the depletion of stocks by the end of the year, she said   LINK

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Samson:  Source: Kurdish delegation headed to Baghdad to negotiate the formation of the next government

19th June, 2018

A source familiar with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said on Tuesday that a Kurdish delegation headed to Baghdad to negotiate with other parties to form the next government, pointing out that they carry conditions, most important adjustment of the proportion of Kurdistan from the budget and return to 17%.

The source, who declined to be named for “Al-Gharab Press,” that “Al-Bariti and the Iraqi government set a date for the joint delegation to negotiate with the Iraqi parties to form the next government.” He added that “the delegation will go to Baghdad immediately after the emergence of the results of counting and sorting by hand,” explaining the determination of that date, “the preoccupation of the blocks and all parties at the present time the issue of the results of counting and sorting and appeals provided.”

The source said that “there are conditions carried by the Kurdish delegation to participate in the next government, the most important to modify the proportion of Kurdistan from the budget and return to 17%.”    LINK