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Iraq…….PUSH  (smile)


Samson:  Jeweler : Iraq against OPEC’s decision to raise production

21st June, 2018

The oil expert, Hamza al-Jawahiri, on Wednesday, Iraq’s rejection of OPEC’s possible decisions in its meeting on Friday if the production was reached

Al-Jawahiri said in an interview with “Economy News” that “Iraq stands against the lifting of production, becausethe appropriate price is $ 80 Brent per barrel,” adding that “OPEC is moving towards reducing the ceiling of the price of a barrel to 70 dollars because of pressure exerted by allies America within the Organization ”

“Iraq needs to sell its oil at a price of $ 62 a barrel to cover the expenses of the budget and deficit, and needs to sell at a higher price to complete the investment and construction.”
The oil expert said that “three countries will oppose the decision to raise production, namely Venezuela, Iran and Iraq, but the pressure tools available to them may not be very impressive, they are more ethical than technical or economic, believing that” oil production to one million barrels per day , If the consideration of the States concerned. ”

And on the possibility of Iraq’s exit from the organization, said Jeweler, “It is not in his interest to be outside the organization, and during the past period benefited from Iraq’s presence in it, and his presence strengthened the strength of the Organization  LINK


Samson:  The Seventh Conference Of Producers In OPEC And Iraq Confirms The Maintenance Of The Same Production

21st June, 2018

The oil ministry announced the start of the seventh conference of producers in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, while stressing that Iraq while maintaining the current production.

“As Iraq continues to maintain its current production of oil without an increase,” he said, adding that ” Production to maintain prices in the global market

Jihad added that Iraq will provide a working paper to confirm the success of OPEC to maintain oil prices in the world market and that the 2016 agreement in OPEC contributed to the return of stability and support oil prices in the global market, “noting that” Iraq is working to be supportive of all members

Jihad pointed out that Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi will hold meetings with the Saudi, Iranian, Algerian and OPEC oil ministers and other ministers to discuss production and price issues and Iraq is known for its consensus position supporting all members of the organization. “Al-Allaibi explained the importance and role of OPEC and producers outside it To restore stability to the global oil market after the deterioration of prices

The historic agreement in 2016, which includes 24 countries, succeeded in achieving its goals in balancing the oil markets and raising the price of crude after the production was reduced by one million and 800 thousand barrels per day.

The largest oil producers want to increase production by one million and 500 thousand barrels per day during their meeting this week Next.    LINK

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Frank26   [via sunny]  Deep in my heart, I really think we are here!  Based on things I’ve been seeing, and what WS [Guru Walkingstick] said, they are on an accelerated pace to push this thing through…very shortly!

They will be one to one in country when they reinstate their currency.

They are about to take the first step in the RI.  IOO…the CBI, the banks are on the cusp to do it NOW!

Frank26   [via sunny]  The POS ( Point of Sale) with MasterCard and Visa’s is HUGE!  This POS [Point of sale]  is crucial to the bankers and investors.

Because of the POS the banking system of Iraq has changed dramatically.  Their business and personal accounts are open to the world.  …The door for…contracts is open to the world.  …

The POS is talking clearly about a price change in Iraq…The cost of goods in Iraq is about to change because of the POS…Their purchasing power has increased due to the POS…this is not a revalue.  This is a reinstatement, a roll out within the country of Iraq…It’s reinstatement material.


The CBI and her BB’s are now set up for the reinstatement.  (BB’s – Mom and Pop stores, ATM’s are baby banks.) This action ends the auctions, the corruption.  This puts the reinstatement on a real fast track.

Full notes from KTFA Monday Night CC by Sunny Here:  https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/frank26-update-from-mon-cc-6-18-18-shortly-very-shortly