Don961:  URGENT Parliament holds extraordinary session tomorrow to discuss possible extension of its work

Editorial date: 2018/6/21 13:44

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Parliament will hold an extraordinary session tomorrow.

A parliamentary source told the {Euphrates News} today that “the House of Representatives will be chaired by Salim al-Jubouri tomorrow an extraordinary session to discuss the possibility of extending his work.”     link


Don961:  The Pentagon is freezing plans in Iraq .. Has Washington abandoned its support for Baghdad?

2018/6/21 12:32:29 PM

The Pentagon has decided to freeze its plans in Iraq, despite talking about a partnership between the United States and NATO, “NATO” to train and advise Iraqi forces in order not to allow the return of the organization, “the Washington Times.”

Despite the existence of strategic agreements signed between Baghdad and Washington, including a strategic framework agreement to provide all kinds of support for Iraq by the United States, but the latter seeks to lift its hand on Iraq, especially after the statements of US President Donald Trump that the United States is not willing to allocate budgets for countries Which are subject to their protection.

Iraq has recently relied on Russia for arming and training the Iraqi army, with major arms deals to import the S-300 air defense system, T-90 tanks and BMP-3 combat vehicles, as well as ammunition and light weapons And the medium, after it was based on American weapons, especially after 2003.

“Washington’s freeze on its dealings with Iraq is part of the US administration’s pressure on the reality of the political process in Iraq, especially after the recent fallout in the parliamentary elections,” said strategist Abdul Amir al-Hungary. “This does not mean that the United States has given up on Iraq”.

“Iraq has the right to go to countries other than the United States to provide assistance, armament and training, especially since there is a great understanding between the Americans and Russians on the future geopolitical situation in the region, whether in Iraq, Syria or Yemen. Armament and this is what most armies of the world do. ”

He pointed out that “the US strategy in the region inclusive and the so-called Arab Spring is part of the consequences of this strategy or perhaps the misappropriation, which led to the disruption of the region and re-installed again.”

The newspaper “Rosiskaya Gazeta” Russian, the acquisition of Iraq large numbers of vehicle “BMB-3”, which is one of the latest armored infantry vehicles, and was strengthened shields to be able to resist missile missiles.

According to the Washington Times, which quoted US officials, the plan, which was on Iraq, a long-term as in Afghanistan, was frozen at the present time, despite the growing commitment by NATO there, which can Be a big step.

NATO Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told a news conference after a meeting of NATO defense ministers that the exact number of troops to be assigned by NATO or partner countries on the Iraq mission would be determined at NATO’s annual summit next month.

“We believe that our best weapon is to train local forces to stabilize their own country and fight terrorism on their own. NATO has deployed its fighters in many combat operations. It may happen that we need to do this again, but in the long run we believe that the strategy of training local forces is better. “He said.

US Defense Secretary James Matisse said NATO’s new training mission in Iraq was part of the ongoing effort to suppress and combat state regulation and prevent its emergence in the Middle East or elsewhere.

“We can not allow Da’ash or any other terrorist group to terrorize the people of this region and again push them to leave and go to Europe or elsewhere.”

He stressed that NATO’s mission in Iraq will not move forward unless there is explicit cooperation from Baghdad. “We will deal with those who come to the new Iraqi government after its formation, we will deal with them as a sovereign state.”

The military expert retired Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf told “One News” that “Trump declared openly and in front of the media the presence of US troops in the locations and countries under the protection of the United States caused a large financial drain to the US Treasury and stressed that Washington is not prepared to allocate special budgets for those countries, NATO is also studying the order of its financial position. ”

He added that “the freezing of America’s plans in Iraq comes because of the United States spent the money in Iraq, despite the amount of destruction caused by Iraq when it invaded the Iraqi territory in 2003 and the accompanying military operations before 2011, resulting in extensive destruction of infrastructure and victims Of the civilians, “noting that” the composition of the Iraqi army on the subject of armament and training over the past hundred years do not rely on one source, but looking for various sources of armament when Iraq resorted to Russia on the subject of armament does not mean that he gave up Washington or rather Washington lifted its hand “He said.

He added that “Washington is seeking to reconsider its strategy in the region, which serves its interests, especially economic,” pointing out that “the strategic framework agreement signed between Iraq and the United States practically frozen by the US party and the Iraqi side seeks to apply, The parties to the implementation of the Convention is by revocation. ”

Sources in the US Defense Department said before the NATO summit that Matisse intends to submit a US plan to expand the process of military training for Iraqi forces and makes it like the ambitious task in Afghanistan, where the international force to fight the organization “Daash” in Iraq and Syria of 9 thousand fighters, including 5,000 fighters American.

But the results of the recent Iraqi elections and the lack of confidence in the security and political situation in Iraq after the elections prompted the Pentagon to move slowly to implement this plan pending the formation of the new government in Baghdad.    link

Rommy:  This has the appearance of another head fake just before the score.  Similar to the winning strategy with Kim Jong-un.

Iobey777:  That’s what I was thinking also! Just kept hearing “squirrel” when I read it!  IMO, we have been told the elections and outcome have nothing to do with the progress of the RI and it certainly seems to be the case! This could very well be another Trump “card” of pressure for them to get their act together! Let’s finish this Iraq!!   Go Trump!

Samson:  Diyala: forming mobile teams to give thousands of displaced the national card

21st June, 2018

President of the Diyala Council Ali Daini, Thursday, 21 June 2018, the formation of mobile teams to give thousands of displaced national card.

“The Diyala Council in coordination with the Directorate of Travel and Nationality agreed to form mobile teams to visit displaced persons camps in Khanaqin, 100 km northeast of Baquba, and the rest of the regions to give them the national card in accordance with official controls and instructions,” Daini said in an interview.

Daini added that “the step was taken to take into account the conditions of the humanitarian displaced in the absence of many of them to access their areas at the present time.”

Thousands of families are still living in the Khanaqin camps pending approval to return to their areas, while others have been prevented by other conditions for not returning.    LINK

MilitiaMan:  A final push to completion? I suspect at this juncture in time with MRs they will want everyone to have a National Card for those in need to Identify who gets paid and how much, once the MR spigot starts flowing Article 140 money form the countries natural resources, it may be an issue for them to get their fair share. Banks in the the region and regional areas that are to be or are now apart of the AMF. Banks will have to know their customers and rightfully so. Security and Stability comes with identification. Know your Customer! ~  Imo ~ MM



Samson:  Two oil companies announce receipt of their dues from the region

21st June, 2018

TAQA and DNO announced that they received $ 81.09 million from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for their financial dues for March of this year.

The UAE company TAQA, which oversees the oil field in the Kurdistan Region, said it had received from the Kurdistan Regional Government $ 18.9 million in financial dues, for the export of oil from the field mentioned in March this year

For its part, announced DNO Norwegian working in the field of Tawke in the Kurdistan Region, it received from the Government of the Kurdistan Region $ 62.19 million dollars in export wages of oil in March

According to a statement by the Canadian company Shamaran, participating in the field of Atrus oil, $ 14 million out of the 18.9 million received by TAQA, which was the wages of companies for oil exports, was $ 4.9 million of the amount of pipeline expenses from the field to the pipeline carrier president For the Kurdistan Region oilto the Turkish port of Ceyhan

On the other hand, DNO announced that it received another $ 5.58 million in financial dues after deducting the issue of its accumulated loans with the Kurdistan Regional Government last August and owns 75% of the oil field of Tauki    LINK

MilitiaMan:  WS / Frank~ Is this all part of the Contracts ending in March 2018. Tying it in with potential swaps of currency (IQD) for Oil payments or convertibility, a liquid store of value?.. Part of the roll out for the IQD? imo, “Yep”.. 

Now keep in mind the the HM Treasury also released Sanctions on the 19th of this month on Iraq along with earlier around or on June 7th, 20018 by the UNSC.

I would like to re iterate that, “the longer it takes the more money we make. imo.” lol Looking to be truth to that.. The regional partners that are part of the local surrounding areas of Iraq that make up the AMF (22 countries) would also agree, not to mention globally.  imo ~ MM