Samson: Abadi to inform the ministries: There are media feeds the citizen with news and false information

BAGHDAD, June 22 (KUNA) – Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi presided over the first meeting of directors of information offices in ministries and non-governmental bodies to form a government media cell under a decree issued by the Council of Ministers.

“The importance of transferring information that directly affects the lives of citizens, especially those related to services,” the prime minister stressed, “the need to transfer information transparently and accurately and keep away from the cheap media and convey the facts without exaggeration.”

He pointed out that “political conflicts have contributed significantly to influence public opinion and politicize the lack of services and turn them into crises that undermine the citizen’s confidence in the government, through the manufacture of false news,” noting that ” there are media feeds the citizen with news and information is wrong, False news due to the absence of the role of government media. ”

“The government is obliged to respond to citizens’ genuine requests, not to the fabricated requests made by some parties through media outlets, and called on media organizations to work professionally in dealing with information and managing and monitoring the news without ignoring the factors of speed and accuracy in conveying the facts and delivering them to the public.”

He concluded by focusing on “training government spokespersons in sound vocational training and forming a network of important issues, mainly electricity, water resources and various services.”

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers that “the formation of the government media cell will be in the next few days as well as the designation of points of focus in ministries and non-associated with the Ministry.”

Also reviewed the Director of the Office of Information and Communication Government in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Yusra Mohsen, the goal of the cell and the most prominent mechanisms in the coordination and dissemination of information and tasks assigned to the cell. End Ah    link

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