Samson: Iraqi shipping gets a certificate of compliance and international conformity

23rd June, 2018

The Ministry of Transport announced on Saturday, June 23, 2018, that the General Company for Maritime Transport has obtained the certificate of compliance and conformity of the Doc of the French Classification Authority .

The ministry said in a statement that “the certificate was granted after the company applied all the international maritime conditions and standards required by the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) and the French Classification Authority, which is the second largest rating agency in the world . ”

Minister of Transport Kazem Fanjan explained that “the vessels of maritime transport have been able to obtain an important international certificate in the field of safe management   ” ISM , adding that the vessels of the General Company for Maritime Transport will continue to sail in all the seas and oceans of the world under the international certificate for five years to come “He said
In turn, the Director-General of Maritime Transport Abdul-Karim Jabri, said that “the French classification agency sent international maritime inspection teams for months to know the possibility of working Iraqi naval crews in vessels and therefore the company was able to obtain this international license to work in all seas and oceans in the world    LINK

Rommy:  In My Opinion  “International maritime certification and operation “ speaks volumes.


Samson:  A financial control official reveals a new destination for Iraqi politicians’ money abroad

23rd June, 2018

An official in the Office of Financial Supervision, the new destination of funds of Iraqi politicians abroad, pointing out that the transfer of these funds were made through exchange companies inside Iraq.

“While Lebanese and UAE banks have been a suitable haven for many of the corrupt funds generated by deals inside Iraq, involving officials and politicians, at least $ 140 million has been deposited in private Egyptian banks during the period,” the official said, asking not to be named. Less than a year.”

The official added that “these transfers were through exchange companies inside Iraq, the highest rate between Iraq and Egypt since the payment of Baghdad wages of Egyptian workers within the so-called yellow remittances,” pointing out that “the Egyptian banks granted large facilities for Iraqis, including not requiring the presence of Permanent residence to open a bank account, as well as the adoption of amounts coming from Iraq through the private companies in favor of banks, which was not supported by the former.

He said that “Egyptian banks may be a rival to the UAE and Lebanese, which is known as a preferred place for Iraqi businessmen and politicians alike, which are usually surrounded by suspicion of corruption and money laundering.”

The banking relations between Cairo and Baghdad witnessed remarkable developments during the recent period, where the Chairman of the Board of Rafidain Bank Khawla Asadi earlier that the bank is a comprehensive economic and banking study, at the moment, in coordination with the Central Bank of Egypt, after a recent meeting between the leaders of both sides, To resume work in Egypt branch of the Rafidain Bank located in the Dokki district of Giza.    LINK


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