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Billuke:  Frank, When do I think I will see the LDs at the CBI??

Frank26:  Next month they are ………… EXPECTED!!!

KTFA FAMILY………ITEAM just reported …….. We are very close.

Come pray with me tonight …….. Come listen to what is ……. NEW.

KTFA     Frank


Walkingstick:  Abadi order to disrupt the official working tomorrow in Baghdad


Independent) … is the prime minister Haider al-Abadi disrupt the official working hours on Thursday 29/10/2015 in Baghdad because of rain.

A statement by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received (Independent) said Wednesday that “al-Abadi is disabled the official work day on Thursday because of rain, Mbinna that Abadi,” the face of the ministries of electricity, municipalities and reconstruction and the Municipality of Baghdad Bastnfar potential and water drainage heavy rain. ”

The capital, Baghdad on Wednesday heavy rains led to the interruption of mobile phone networks and the Internet lines and could not walk, and traffic in some areas of the capital Baghdad. (End)