Don961: Ports: Anchor 11 giant ships over the past two weeks

24/6/2018 12:00 am

Expected to increase in the second half of 2018

Baghdad / Batoul al-Hassani

The total number of ports received by the ports during the past two weeks, 11 giant ships, while the Ministry of Transport expected to increase the number of arrivals to ports during the second half of this year.

The Director General of the Iraqi Ports General Company Aziz Aziz al-Obeidi, a special statement for the “morning”: The Iraqi ports received 11 giant merchant ships with different loads in coordination with the navigation operations and naval vessels in the port, as part of the ships anchored in the port of Umm Qasr South loaded with thousands of tons of Wheat and other materials.

He added that the port of Umm Qasr North received four giant ships of international nationalities, pointing to the high movement of arrival and departure of ships during the first quarter of this year, after the adoption of the latest technological methods in the unloading in coordination with the General Company for Land Transport of the Ministry.

Al-Obeidi said that the cargo included the items of ration card, oil derivatives and fertilizers as well as electrical equipment and wheat. He pointed to the continued efforts to develop port work, through the conclusion of agreements with international and Arab companies specialized in this sector.

He explained that the port owners in coordination with the Department of ships and maritime industries continue to rehabilitate the sunken and disabled marine parts, the last of which was the rehabilitation of the giant crane (Abather), as well as the reconstruction of the service pier for sea vessels to restore the work of this berth to anchor any marine unit such as trawlers, specialized boats and medium parts.

The General Director of the General Ports Company explained that the company’s technical staffs are continuing the operations of recovering the sunken boats. He pointed out that his company, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport, has prepared a plan to recover all the gaps in the territorial waters through exceptional efforts to reach the difficult areas where these pieces are concentrated.

The first quarter of this year witnessed the laying of the cornerstone of Al Waisaliah Port which will provide 3,000 jobs for the residents of Al Saybah area in Basra, as well as the inauguration of the 13th oil berth in Khor Al Zubair port, which will contribute to maximizing the financial resources of the ports. And trade exchange, especially oil products to be exported through this specialized port.     link


Don961:  Finance undertakes to pay all the receivables of contractors

25/6/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Tareq al-Araji

The Ministry of Finance has pledged to resolve the debts of the contractors by the government this year, by providing funds allocated for this, while revealed the status of treatments for freezing accounts and balances of self-financing companies.

An official source in the ministry, in a statement singled out by the «morning»: «Prime Minister Haider Abadi directed the need to resolve the file of debts of contractors government, during the current year, noting that« the Ministry of Finance prepared a plan to complete this file in coordination with the ministries and relevant authorities After the allocation of sufficient amounts ».

He added that «the ministry has succeeded during the past period to hand over contractors 30 percent of outstanding debt, while the delivery of 40 percent of them is expected to see the fourth quarter of this year, the delivery of the remaining 30 percent of that debt,” noting that “the ministry allocated what Nearly trillion and 625 billion dinars to complete this file. ”

Regarding the self-financing companies, the source confirmed that “the ministry has put in place the treatments and the auditing of the freezing of accounts and balances of self-financing companies and submitted its report on this matter to the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers for approval.   link

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