PMac: Thoughts on a Sunday night.  This timeline will come to an end soon, and suddenly a new speed of life will begin.  I am a student of IQD, which means I’ve been taught about what implications this RI has to manifesting to the public.

I believe we are in for a “new” USD resulting as a byproduct of a multi-lateral / multi-country trade agreement… set forth by T (shown as a basket of currencies via trade).  It will drop like a HAMMER without warning… possibly even to coincide with the prize which we seek (in 2nd article form).

The MSM (CNN, MSNBC, Etc) will call it the biggest give-away in the history of history and how it’s going to collapse the US / World economy from incompetence.  So be it.  We will be the salt… we will be the light… all through the power of the Holy Spirit and very well funded.

Don’t dwell in judgement of others when they mocked you for believing in this scam of an investment.

Don’t leverage your wealth to minimize others or manipulate with condescension… be bold, eloquent, and full of grace.  This isn’t God slamming the door to the Ark because he’s about to wipe out the earth again… he’s about to unleash the harvesting tools!!  Learn to speak multiple languages.  Read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

The evil and corrupt in our country and around the world are about to find out that they
are not above God’s supreme righteous judgement.  The fallout will leave people wandering without purpose, confused and in disbelief.  “She will be there at the end”… Oh my will she ever.  I whole heartedly believe the current deep state is about to crack wide open and our indoctrinated populous will begin to cringe at the deeds of it’s innermost wicked politicians and crony’s.  #metoo doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of the exposure that is about to take place.

This isn’t a doom and gloom prognostication… this is God’s judgement to shine light upon darkness and it’s only going to infuriate the enemy and his minions even MORE than is right now.  Relief is on it’s way!  Cavalry.. ehem.. Calvary is on it’s way!!  Prayer and the word of God is our weapons of mass instruction.

The USA we know is going to be the launching point of many ministries but under One God and not denominated.  The knowledge and technology that will come forth in the years to come will continue to speed up exponentially.

Both Kim Clements and Mark Taylor prophesied that there would be NEW energy and it will intellectually protected from the US (thus the importance of the new trade agreement).  They both prophesied that this would throttle the US economy and it’s allies into prosperity.


Samson:  Instructions and procedures issued by the Central Bank of Iraq to regulate banking activity in Iraq

25th June, 2018

Instructions and procedures issued by the Central Bank of Iraq to regulate the banking
activity in Iraq, including ( license for a foreign bank to establish a subsidiary or branch
of a bank or open a representative office of a foreign bank inside Iraq ) …

25 pages in English…..  also this link from the English side (thanks Angel-101)  https://cbi.iq/static/uploads/up/file-152991402928632.pdf

To download click here



Samson:  Central Bank sets $ 50 million to grant leave to foreign banks

25th June, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) said on Monday that the granting of licenses to foreign banks would have a capital of 50 million dollars, while noting that it must be subject to the authority of the country where the branch is located.

The bank said in a statement received by Mawazine News that “foreign banks that seek leave to work for one of its branches in Iraq must have a capital of 50 million dollars, regardless of the number of branches, including the main branch.”

The bank added that “another condition for granting licenses is that the balance of any bank with another bank does not exceed 5% of its capital and in any case should not increase its balance with other banks of 20%, and if the increase of that percentage for more reasonable reasons It needs the approval of the Director General of the Banking Control Department. ”

He pointed out that “the establishment of an entity belonging to a foreign bank or the opening of a branch of a foreign bank in Iraq must obtain a license from the Central Bank and may only grant licenses to foreign banks that are subject to unified and comprehensive control of the supervisory authority in the country where the headquarters of the foreign bank”

He added that “within six months of submitting the application for incorporation of the bank to meet the conditions are notified by the bank to approve the establishment or rejection of the bank and in the event of approval is published in the Official Gazette.”    LINK

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