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Samson:  World Bank Foundation to Invest $ 269 Million in Iraq

26th June, 2018

Announced that the International Finance Corporation , a member of the World Bank Group, on Tuesday, provided financing worth $ 269 million Zain Iraq to help rebuild the telecommunications sector and drive economic growth in the country ‘s package. 

“The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has provided $ 269 million in funding, including $ 100 million from the Foundation’s account, $ 169 million from the Arab Bank and a loan,” UNAMI said in a statement received by Mawazine News. Of the IFC-supported lending program. ”

“The loan is a new platform that provides institutional investors with the ability to participate in IFC’s main loan portfolio. Financing also includes a parallel loan from DEG and Finnfund. “This funding aims to help Zain Iraq to enhance the capabilities and quality of its 3G network, expand coverage to areas not covered by the service, and help the company modernize its network and improve its services in northern Iraq.”

“Supporting the development of infrastructure in Iraq is essential to complete reconstruction efforts,” said Moayad Makhlouf, Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at IFC.  “Restoring and strengthening the network infrastructure can have a multiplier effect on the economy by increasing communication capabilities, reducing transaction costs, enhancing information flow, more efficient and efficient interoperability between companies operating in the market, and many other benefits it needs. The Iraqi market significantly. ”

IFC’s investment, a seven-year loan in a country where financing options remain limited, will support Zain’s growth plans and at the same time send a positive signal to local and international companies at this critical stage in the process of regaining growth Economic situation in the country      LINK


Samson:  The second phase of the Iraq Reconstruction Conference begins in Paris

26th June, 2018

Iraq’s second reconstruction phase was launched Tuesday under the title “New Iraqi-French Partnership in the French capital Paris

The conference was attended by the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih Al-Hantal, the Secretary-General of the Arab-French Chambers of Commerce Dr. Saleh Al-Tayyar and the President of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Jafar Al-Hamdani and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing Astbork thorns and Director General Rafidain Bank Dr. Khawla Asadi

Head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, said during the opening of the conference, which was attended by “Economy News”, that the conference is a key to closer Arab-European relations, especially French,” adding that “the Arab Banks Conference, which will start on Wednesday in Paris, Will be the announcement of a very important message directed by the Iraqi banking sector to European banks to open the prospect of dealing with correspondent banks

He added that the Iraqi banking sector working in the country of 70 banks spread throughout Iraq as well as Arab and foreign banks, “noting that the Iraqi banking sector has achieved great success over the past years in addition to the launch of social initiatives aimed at participating in the reconstruction of Iraq, Baghdad “to rehabilitate 20 squares in the capital Baghdad   LINK


Samson:  The Central Bank of Bahrain renews its commitment to link the currency

26th June, 2018

The central bank said on Tuesday it was committed to keeping the local currency peg to the dollar after the dinar fell to a 17-year low on concerns about rising public debt

“The CBB has confirmed its commitment to keep the dinar pegged to the dollar at 0.37608 and there is no change in the value of the Bahraini dinar,” the central bank said   LINK


The Bahraini dinar is blowing in an unprecedented way

2018/6/26 13:08

(Reuters) – Bahrain’s dinar fell to a 17-year low of 0.38261 against the dollar on the spot market on Tuesday as hedge funds rushed to sell the currency on the futures market due to concerns about the kingdom’s growing debt, bankers said. The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) pegged the dinar to US $ 0.376.

Bankers said they had not monitored any coordinated targeting of the currency, but the fall in the prices of Bahrain’s international bonds in recent weeks fueled fears in the foreign exchange market.

The central bank did not comment on the reasons for the currency’s fall.  LINK

Don961:  Specialists: Paying the dues of contractors will move the investment wheel

Journal  June 25, 2018

Baghdad – Journal News

The economic crisis that hit the country due to the drop in oil prices has stopped many important service projects and the accumulation of debts of contractors to the government, making Iraq an environment of repudiation for local investment and the flight of money to other countries more stable.

According to international reports, Iraq has lost about $ 200 billion in projects, with 400 projects in Basra, 600 in Babel and 250 in Najaf. Baghdad has recorded a halt or delay of about 750 projects in the capital, .

The economic expert Ali al-Vekiki said that “the payment of contractors receivables stimulate the process of starting new projects or completion of those who stopped.”

“The contractors were waiting to pay their financial dues for their projects and pay their bills for the rental of machines and machines that fall within the work of service projects that have been stalled for more than three years because of the financial crisis,” he said in an interview with the Journal News.

Al-Wakiki added that paying the contractors’ dues is necessary even if it is in batches which will help to continue the rotation of the wheel of the economy and development through the payment of those dues, describing this step as” good “and will maintain the link between the government and investors in the field of infrastructure and service entrepreneurs. We suffer from a significant decline because of the lack of liquidity and austerity that entered Iraq. ”

He urged economic expert Ghazi Kanani to “start an extensive campaign to develop the housing sector and service projects, which includes reconstruction and construction, which includes large sectors inside to encourage contractors to produce new projects and completion of projects suspended on the one hand and the preservation of hard currency on the other.

Al-Kanani said in an interview with the «Journal News», that “the financial crisis experienced by the government caused by corruption spread in all joints and that this crisis led to the failure of the Ministry of Finance to spend money to contractors and therefore we have seen the accumulation of debt on the government in light of the decline in global prices Of crude oil, which brought us into a financial crisis, pointing out that the payment of dues to contractors will open the door to reinvest investment and rotate the wheel of unemployment stalled.

The Ministry of Finance pledged on Monday to resolve the file of debts of contractors to the government this year, through the provision of funds allocated on the guidance of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, as revealed the status of treatments for freezing accounts and balances of self-financing companies.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the need to resolve the debt file of contractors government, during this year, “noting that” the Ministry of Finance prepared a plan to achieve this file in coordination with the ministries and relevant bodies after the allocation of sufficient amounts. ”

The source added that “the ministry has succeeded during the past period to hand over contractors 30 percent of outstanding debt, while the delivery of 40 percent of them is expected to see the fourth quarter of this year, the delivery of the remaining 30 percent of that debt,” pointing out that “the ministry allocated Nearly trillion and 625 billion dinars to complete this file. ”

In regard to self-financing companies, the source confirmed that “the ministry has put in place the treatment and audit of freezing the accounts and balances of self-financing companies and submitted its report on this matter to the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers for approval.”

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, announced earlier the launch of 781 billion dinars from the receivables of contractors, indicating that these dues are distributed among a number of ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry and the provinces in the framework of projects implemented within the investment program or regional development program and petrodollar program.

Jumaili said in a statement that it was “781 billion and 274 million dinars of the dues of contractors after the approval of the Office of Financial Supervision, and contractors will receive 40% of the total dues within this amount, amounting to 300 billion and 457 million dinars”

He added that “the ministry has completed all procedures related to the disbursement of these receivables and sent to the Ministry of Finance, which will be disbursed in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq,” explaining that “these receivables are distributed among a number of ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry and the provinces in the framework of projects implemented within the investment program or program Regional Development and Petrodollar Program “.

He continued, “These receivables that were launched represent 57% of the first meal is being launched, amounting to 1 trillion and 364 billion dinars,” noting that “work is in full swing to complete all receivables after being audited by Office of Financial Supervision”.    link