Samson: Abadi in Basra .. elements Mendes want to abuse peaceful demonstration and security forces

13th July, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in the province of Basra from Brussels, where he participated in the meeting of the international coalition against gangs,” the prime minister’s media office said in a statement

The Iraqi Prime Minister, on Thursday, the presence of elements seduced among the demonstrators in the city of Basra, in light of the escalation of protests.

Abadi said in statements to state television that “there are elements desiring to abuse peaceful demonstration and security forces,” stressing the government’s keenness to provide services in Basra quickly.

The Iraqi Prime Minister that “the citizen visual will not jeopardize the security of his province, which is keen on others.”   LINK


Samson:  Demonstrations continue in Basra and Abadi seeks to calm the situation

2018/7/13 10:10

Dozens of demonstrators in the area of ​​al-Sharsh in Basra province, the road between Basra and Baghdad on Friday morning.  The demonstrators demanded the provision of services and job opportunities for the unemployed. Protesters burned car tires during the demonstration.

He said the general Sheikh of the clans of Hadi Ali waterfall in a statement that they claim to give Basra their rights and provide services and electricity and the expulsion of expatriate workers from outside the province and rely on the capabilities of youth in oil companies and those who have degrees in several specialties.”

Basra provinces witness demonstrations demanding services, The reality of the processing of electricity in addition to the treatment of salinity of water, in addition to other demonstrations near the oil sites to demand work opportunities

This is currently visiting Prime Minister Haider Abadi province of Basra, arrived at dawn today from Brockle after the conclusion of a meeting of “The International against Daash  Abadi met upon his arrival with the security and military leaders in Basra and heard a detailed report on the conditions of the province, according to a statement by his office.

The Ministry of Oil announced yesterday the allocation of ten thousand jobs for the residents of Basra, while the Cabinet formed a government delegation headed by the Minister of Oil, in order to search for urgent solutions to the problems in Basra, where recently issued an order to appoint 250 residents of the city of Basra.  The protests, demanding job opportunities since last Sunday, have escalated following the death of one demonstrator and the injury of three others. Protesters entered an open sit-in until their demands were met.

For his part, President Fuad Masum called on demonstrators in Basra to calm and called on the local government to work hard and immediately to respond to the demands of legitimate demonstrators.  The Basra Police Command deployed its forces to protect the government departments in the province, where it announced that the security situation is under control.   LINK