Iobey777:   So…………IF Delta is correct (and I believe he is) then it is VERY possible that we may see the new rate ANY time between now and the 23rd!!! IMO!! I’m VERY happy with that idea!!


Samson:  After claims .. Legal outlines the steps to declare a state of emergency in Iraq

16th May, 2019

Iraq can declare a state of emergency in light of the current situation between the United States and Iran, according to legal expert Tariq Harb on Thursday.

“There are demands for a state of emergency in Iraq because of the current circumstances between America and Iran,” Harb said in a statement.

He explained that the Constitution in Article 61 paragraph IX approved the declaration of a state of emergency in Iraq at the request of a joint President of the Republic and the Prime Minister submitted to the Parliament where the Constitution requires the approval of a majority of two-thirds of the deputies present after the quorum was established if we assume that the attendance of 210 deputies, As two-thirds of the audience.

“The duration of the emergency will be 30 days, which will be extended and approved every time, and the Prime Minister will be given the necessary powers to manage the country during this difficult period.”

Both Germany and the United States decided on Wednesday to suspend military exercises for Iraqi forces because of tensions in the region.   LINK

Samson:  Bloomberg: Russia and China gave up the dollar in favor of gold

17th May, 2019

Gold central bank purchases, led by Russia and China, reached a six-year high in the first quarter of 2019, with many countries moving to diversify their assets away from the dollar, Bloomberg said.

The world gold reserves rose 145.5 tons in the first quarter of this year, up 68% from the same period last year, the World Gold Council said in a report. Russia is still the biggest buyer of the precious metal as it works to reduce its dependence. On the dollar.

“We have seen continued strong demand for gold by central banks, we expect another good year, and I would be thrilled to see this year’s 2018 purchases,” said Alistair Hewitt, director of market information at the World Gold Council.

In addition to traditional buyers such as Kazakhstan and Turkey, the first quarter saw Ecuador increase its yellow reserves for the first time since 2014, as well as large purchases from Qatar and Colombia.

The data showed that Qatar bought in March alone alone about 9.3 tons of gold. Qatar ranks 51th in the world with its precious metal reserves of 40.6 tons, which accounts for about 5.5% of its total reserves.

The Council noted that the purchases of central banks formed a major support for gold prices, which helped offset the decline in demand from investors, as well as industrial users of the metal, and the price of gold ounce by about $ 4 since the beginning of this year to trade today at 1286.96 dollars.   LINK


Samson:  A Chinese government newspaper reduces the chances of resuming trade talks

17th May, 2019

A Chinese government newspaper expressed declining interest in the resumption of trade talks with the United States in light of the threats to increase tariffs

The office was the US Trade Representative unveiled a list of $ 300 billion worth of products imported from China that may be subject to tariffs

“Without new moves showing the sincerity of the United States, it is meaningless for US officials to come to China for talks,” the Tarun blog said Friday

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said yesterday that they have no information on whether the US officials planned to travel to Beijing to continue the talks or not

This week, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin said he was likely to travel to Beijing soon to complete the trade talks

For its part, the government of the world’s second largest economy announced today that it will work to counter the effects of increasing US tariffs, vowing to maintain the economy at reasonable levels

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the National Development and Reform Commission is studying the impact of US tariffs and will provide measures to respond when necessary   LINK

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