JimG0299: I don’t think we will see a rate change until Iran has been truly dealt with from a nuclear standpoint.  In my strong opinion, Iran is like a big bad bully to Iraq and other surrounding countries in the middle east.  Yea, we see them doing things here and there but only when pressured to in my opinion.

Its kinda like when you were a kid and your parents told you to have your room clean by the time they get back.  While they are gone, your so called friends or bulleys But we never quite see that real breakthrough that we want because Iran still has a stronghold over Iraq in a way.

I believe we are going to see things possibly escalate to a really nasty point in order for that stronghold to be removed to where every party involved is at peace with finally pushing this forward.  I could be wrong and I really hope I am.  But my common sense simply tells me that though we, the U.S, have alot of interest invested in Iraq, Iraq’s loyalty or fear is with Iran at the moment.

Iran is their next door neighbor, that’s a bully! Until that bully is “hit in the right place”, the stronghold will vanish. THEN, we will see the rate change.  Again,  in my strong opinion.

Thank you for your opinion. I do not agree with it. My view is the sanctions and the lack of allies has Iran in the pen. Notice they don’t seem to want to harass our ships in the GULF under the present administration.

Think about the MOAB for an instance in the first part of the new administration and the announcement of new technology. Iran has been shown our abilities. So, imo with the facts form the GOI and the CBI, get ready for fireworks imo..

Kind regards and again thanks for your opinion, as you may be correct or maybe I will. But, be sure I’ll be here to see it one way or another..

Samson:  MP: We are not suffering from a financial crisis but a crisis of mismanagement and corruption

25th May, 2019

A member of the parliamentary finance committee MP Majida al-Tamimi on Saturday attacked what she described as “liars” because they said Iraq was suffering from a financial crisis. 

“Whoever says that we have a financial crisis is a liar, we have mismanagement of public funds and there is great corruption,” Tamimi said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press. “I sent a lot of files to integrity,” she said.    LINK


Samson:   Documents … UN Security Council Resolution 2470 on Iraq

The United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2470 on Iraq, which includes many resolutions on Iraq, including the amendment of the constitution, the resolution of the disputed areas and the reform of the security sector.   LINK

Stevep99:   Not sure what all the UN is saying here, but it has all the looks of BIG news IMO…as a simple minded person I read it as possibly saying the UN might be, IMO…stating that they are removing all so called “shackles” from Iraq, but we the UN will still be there to help in any way needed. Still not sure of my conclusions, but would appreciate any one smarter than I to offer their opinion!

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