Crose: Hi Frank, Great CC…I love how everything is coming together and heading to a public release of the IQD…IMO… I have a question that no one is asking and you have mentioned it twice in the past couple days.   What is the deal that President Trump make with the Queen to give us back our sovereignty and our freedom. Just wondering…and very curious .. Thanks for all… you all do.

JimG0299:  I’ll try and take a stab at it. In my opinion,  possibly, when this is all over, Trump will take some profits gained from the RI to pay back any remaining debts that the US may owe or has owed to them for some time now, giving us true freedom. Remember, debt is slavery.  I’m not too privy on all the details but I believe we have a lot of debt with them. If that’s true, Trump may use the dinar to pay off that debt owed…..

AzPatriyot:  This was the Act of 1871 where England and the Vatican recognized the US as a corporation, USA INC, and not as a sovereign nation. What was done by the President( Trump) recognized our sovereignty. England and the Vatican are the owners of USA Inc. no longer.


Samson:  The Central Bank announces the launch of electronic travel cards for travelers

11th June, 2019

The Iraqi Central Bank announced on Tuesday the launch of electronic travel cards for citizens, noting that electronic travel cards will help travelers in the payment of external expenses.

“As part of our strategy to gradually guide citizens to use electronic payment tools rather than cash payments, e-cards will be launched for citizens,” the bank said in a statement received by Al Madar. “Electronic travel cards will help travelers in the payment of external expenses From purchases, hotels, treatment and study and also contribute to increasing the ability of banks to attract customers towards modern banking ‘.

He added that ‘the cards will also provide additional benefits to its holders, including the purchase of the dollar at 1200 dinars and security during travel and avoid theft and loss and payment of all currencies and all over the world, in addition to access to additional privileges offered by banks such as access to business halls and discounts.

The bank said that it will “in coordination with the Association of Iraqi banks and licensed payment companies and international card companies to establish a conference during the first week of July 2019 to launch an intensive media campaign in this regard.”   LINK


Samson:  Qadu: The application of Article 140 faces a lot of complications and must be modified

11th June, 2019

The deputy of the province of Nineveh Haneen al-Qaddu, on Tuesday, that the application of Article 140 faces many complications, while expressing opposition to the use of the term disputed areas.

“At the invitation of UNAMI, the UN office in Iraq met with MP Haneen al-Qaddou, the representative of UNAMI and the representative of the United Nations,” al-Qaddo said in a statement received by al-Ghad Press.

He stressed that “the application of the article faces many complications starting with the need to amend the constitutional article 140 because it is restricted to a specific period of 31 December 2007 to implement.” 

Al-Qaddo expressed his opposition to the use of the term “disputed territories,” referring to “rejecting the dictates of some parties that are trying to impose the interpretation of article 140 on the rest of the other Iraqi components.”     LINK

Samson:  Abdul Mahdi: There are 15 thousand pieces of Iraqi antiquities in America ready for shipping now

11th June, 2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi revealed on Tuesday that there are 15,000 Iraqi artifacts in the United States ready for shipment to Iraq.

“There are 15,000 Iraqi artifacts in the United States ready for shipment,” Abdul-Mahdi said during a visit to the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad. “The majority of these original pieces,” he said, calling on citizens to “visit the museum to see the monuments and learn more about the ancient Iraqi civilization.”

It is noteworthy that the effects of Iraq was the most widespread looting in 2003, which led to the disappearance of thousands of pieces of priceless from the National Museum in the capital Baghdad and other locations, and recovered thousands of archaeological artifacts, where the sale of CDs dating to the Sumerian civilization, 3150 years BC, At Christie’s public auction in New York State was stolen in the wake of the first Gulf War in 1991, and the smuggling of antiquities from the National Museum was monitored in 2008.    LINK

Samson:  Documents .. The disclosure of corruption in billions involved with the governor of Karbala article

11th June, 2019

New documents revealed tenders in which suspicions of financial and administrative corruption in the holy province of Karbala were caused by the governor Aqeel al-Turaihi.

The documents showed that Turaihi was the direct cause of the loss of about 30 billion dinars for one project, the southern link in the province.

The first document highlighted the lowest tenders for the developed companies of the project of the southern link of about 81 billion, with more than ten offers are all valid and acceptable in accordance with the legal contexts followed in such tenders, which purposely canceled the governor of all and without a legal reason.

The second document reveals that Turaihi’s tender was worth (111563549000) one hundred and eleven billion and 563 million dinars and at the invitation directly wrong and illegal and corruption is clear and large.

It is clear through the documents that the difference amounts to 30 billion dinars was wasted due to negligence, negligence and mismanagement, as well as clear and explicit financial corruption, according to the documents attached.    LINK

Samson:  Parliamentary integrity: the recovery of state property is a constitutional test of government

11th June, 2019

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif, said on Tuesday that opening the country’s real estate file would be a real test for the government and measure its seriousness in fighting corruption, pointing out that many parties consider opening the file of acquisition of state real estate a red line.

“The government’s decision to evacuate state property from former ministers needs serious implementation, without exception, a group or any argument,” Naseef said in a statement. “The recovery of these properties and other real estate seized by parties and personalities implemented as a test And to measure the seriousness of the opening of the file against corruption.”

“The political parties have taken possession of real estate and rebelled against the laws despite their stay in countries abroad,” Nassif said. “Many political parties consider the opening of the takeover of state real estate a red line.”

The Bureau of Financial Supervision confirmed earlier that the Joint Council for the fight against corruption moved quickly on a number of corruption files in coordination with the Integrity Commission and related parties, including the file of real estate and oil smuggling operations, which is hoped to be completed soon.   LINK

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