Giants: This would be a very symbolic way of releasing the rate!!!!!

Samson: Deputy Speaker of Parliament: We will celebrate the lifting of the last block of concrete from Baghdad soon

25th June, 2019

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi said on Tuesday that residents of the capital Baghdad will soon celebrate the lifting of the last block of concrete from the capital.

The statement quoted al-Kaabi as saying, “The efforts made by the security services to make a successful plan to lift concrete barriers From the main streets and the lifting of checkpoints, a distinct effort produced by creating an atmosphere of reassurance and confidence of the Iraqi citizen, who is still looking forward to other security achievements to return Baghdad and all the cities of Iraq to the state of complete security and this is entrusted to the security and intelligence services and the cooperation of citizens with it, Verification effort of one side , but must create cooperation. ”

“There is a symbolic day celebrated by the people of Baghdad soon to raise the last concrete block from their city to the importance of this subject and to end the era of time, not to mention that now he seemed to feel the real beauty of Baghdad after it was covered with these walls.    LINK


Samson:  Commercial contracts and popular crowd postpone Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Washington

25th June, 2019

The US administration has set conditions for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to visit Washington for a visit that has been delayed more than once.

A source close to the prime minister said in a press statement that Abdul Mahdi, the implementation of conditions set by America to be received in Washington.”

“The first conditions are to sign contracts for companies, Henol, Okson Mobil, GE, the US oil.”

He pointed out that “the other condition is to take out the popular mobilization factions of the Nineveh Plain.”

He pointed out that these “reasons postpone the visit of Abdul Mahdi to Washington several times,” adding that this strengthens “talk about the existence of problems between Abdul Mahdi and the American administration.”     LINK

Sunkissed:  Trump is keeping Mahdi on schedule and his feet to the fire!!!! Trump holds ALL OF THE CONTROL over this… and Mahdi knows it. Compliance is key and those contracts are the key… imo!

GREAT eye for the important articles Samson! This one shows who holds the POWER for our blessing!

~ Sunkissed

IS YOUR MONEY HACKABLE?: The Rising Risk of Cyber Security

Published on Jun 25, 2019


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