Iobey777: Hopefully, the Kurdistan leaders will Accept the Economic Contracts which they will be presented! Let’s finish this! But..IMO..I’m thinking it’s already been settled..too much forward progress in the reforms for something like this not be settled! Maybe they are coming to Iraq to offer Congratulations!! IMO!

Samson: A high-level delegation from the region visits Baghdad

2019/8/13 11:33

A high-level government delegation will head to Baghdad after Eid al-Adha to resolve outstanding problems.

The delegation is scheduled to discuss with officials in Baghdad, the financial budget for 2020 and the oil file as well as the security situation in the disputed areas.

“The federal and provincial governments have good intentions to resolve all outstanding problems     LINK


EHankins:  In my opinion this person knows that the dinar is about to Skyrocket in price real soon . why take a trip now and pay the expense for a long stay out of country … …yea… highly likely IMO MORE AND MORE….

S41755k:   Agree, it also tells me how the country is controlling the note count leaving the country. Go RI

Samson:  An Iraqi passenger arrested in Al-Shalamjah port in possession of 2.5 million dinars

12th August, 2019

The detachments of the police station of Kamrak port of Shalamja east of Basra, arrested an Iraqi national, who was arrested with 2.5 million dinars forged category (25) thousand dinars, in the arrivals hall.

The Fourth Zone Border Command said in a statement received by al-Murabd that the necessary measures have been taken against him, and the organization of a fundamentalist seizure report.

It is noteworthy that the Directorate of Customs Police, had previously revealed the arrest of two people in possession of 7 million dinars forged at the border Shalamja border.   LINK


Samson:  Referral of three Iraqi passengers to the judiciary with forged amounts in Shalamcheh

2019/8/13 12:40

The Iraqi border outlets announced the transfer of three Iraqi passengers to the judiciary in possession of forged amounts in the border Shalamja border in Basra province.

A statement of the ports received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of it that “the suspects were caught by the Division of Research and Investigation in cooperation with the relevant authorities, in possession of ten million Iraqi dinars forged.”

“Fundamental and legal measures were taken against them and they were referred to the judiciary with seizures,” he said.   LINK

Samson:  Deputy: influential parties trying to steal money allocated to spend Abu Ghraib

13th August, 2019

Baghdad MP Kareem Abu Souda said on Tuesday that influential parties are trying to steal the money allocated to spend Abu Ghraib within the province’s port, which amounts to nearly 400 billion dinars, calling on the governor of Baghdad to stand up to those corrupt.

Abu Souda said in a statement to the information, that “confirmed information obtained that the influential authorities are trying to steal money allocated from the budget of the province of Baghdad to spend Abu Ghraib,” indicating that “the money is allocated to sewage, water and other projects.”

He added that “the total amount allocated to the judiciary is 400 billion dinars allocated to sewage and water and the construction of schools and paving roads,” calling “the governor of Baghdad Falah Algerian to stand up to thieves and corrupt and follow up projects in the judiciary.”    LINK

Samson:  How much has the Iraqi money smuggled out of Iraq?

13th August, 2019

Iraq has smuggled and looted funds of up to $ 150 billion, some of those funds are registered under the names of the former intelligence service and secret names and numbers, a lawmaker said on Tuesday .

Massoudi said in a statement, that “the subject of money smuggled movable and immovable recovery of pre – 2003 and beyond , where he put forward in Parliament was enacting a law to recover the money and appeared in the folds of the modern parliament that there arecontributions to Iraqi in banks , sports clubs, factories, real estate, schools, It is therefore difficult to account for these funds.”

He added that “the money smuggled between (100-150) billion dollars, where spread over large areas of the world and reach South America, in addition to the money overlooked by the government and registered with the names of the intelligence service and the names and secret numbers and these are among the money smuggled before 2003”.

He explained that “after 2003, a lot of money was stolen, especially in the era of (J Carno and Premier) in addition to money and gold coins looted from banks, in addition to money laundering operations amounting to $ 100 billion, and these funds exist in several neighboring countries, Egypt and the UAE “It has become commercial centers, real estate, airlines, banks and large-scale trades.”

And that “the magnitude of funds and lack of knowledge of their positions made the House of Representatives enacted a law providing for up to $ 10 million to those who know the government about the sites of these huge funds smuggled abroad.”    LINK

Samson:   The arrest of an energy police officer embezzled fifty billion dinars

13th August, 2019

The internal affairs and security of the Energy Police announced on Tuesday the arrest of an officer who embezzled 1.5 billion dinars.

It said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that as directed by the Director General of Internal Affairs and Security Major General Hussein Abdul Hadi Mahbooba, and under the supervision and follow-up by the Director of Internal Affairs in the Energy Police Colonel Mohammed Bilad Khalaf Al-Budeiri , and through the follow-up work, performance and behavior of officers and associates Energy There were 4 absentee verdicts issued against Lieutenant. F. C. In accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of the SQ, attributed to the Electricity Police Directorate and currently to the Federal Police Command. ”

He explained that “the duration of one sentence is (6) years and considered the act of a crime against honor and expulsion from the service has reached the value of government materials embezzled (one billion and fifty million dinars) and in coordination with the Department of Internal Affairs in the Federal Police and provide them with all the information and judicial rulings issued against the subject of research He was arrested by them and sent to the Electricity Police Directorate to complete the legal proceedings against him.”   LINK