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Samson: Details behind the movement of change Abdel Mahdi .. Victory: Abadi front – runner

10th September 2019

The victory coalition led by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the scenes of the actual movement to change Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

“There are influential political forces that started to move in order to find an alternative to the current prime minister,” coalition leader Ali al-Sunaid said in a press statement. He stressed that “this alternative needs an Iraqi political consensus, as well as a regional and international consensus, especially by Washington and Tehran.”

He pointed out, “What delays the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul Mahdi, is to find the appropriate alternative.”

Al-Sunaid added that “Abadi is among the candidates for the post of prime minister of Iraq, after the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul-Mahdi, who is the front-runner.”     LINK


Samson:  Great jump in oil prices

9/10/2019 9:51

Oil prices rose on Tuesday in world markets since the first of August, where the price of Brent barrel exceeded $ 63. The price hike comes after Saudi Arabia’s new energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, announced his country’s commitment to a policy of limiting oil production.

The Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, issued last Saturday, a royal order to relieve the Minister of Energy Khalid al-Falih from his position, and the appointment of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, succeeding him. Prince Abdul Aziz is known in the corridors of the oil industry as an accomplished negotiator with long experience in the conclusion of agreements within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia have developed since 2016 after OPEC and a number of non-OPEC producers formed an alliance called OPEC +. Sources in the Russian energy industry have said that they do not expect a change in cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Russia, because the two sides are benefiting from these relations.   LINK

Samson:  Report: World Bank slashes Indonesia’s economic growth forecast due to 4 factors

9th September, 2019

A report said that the World Bank lowered its economic growth estimates for Indonesia’s lowest 5 percent next year, to be the lowest pace of growth since 2015

According to Bloomberg on Monday, the World Bank sent the forecast to Indonesian President Goku and Dodo this month, noting that the Asian economy’s growth will slow to 4.9 percent next year

The estimates are lower than the World Bank’s June forecast that Indonesia’s economy would grow by 5.1 percent this year and next

The Indonesian government believes the economy will grow by 5.3 percent and 5.1 percent in the current and next two years, respectively

The World Bank said it had lowered Indonesia’s economic growth due to trade and geopolitical tensions, as well as uncertainty about Brexit and the crisis in Hong Kong

The bank said these risks could cause negative economic shock and would lead to large capital inflows outside Indonesia at the most pace in a decade

Indonesia’s reliance on foreign investment in stocks and bonds makes it more vulnerable to outflows when global risks rise, the World Bank said

The World Bank said the government should focus its efforts on stimulating foreign direct investment rather than reducing the current account deficit   LINK


Samson:  The World Bank’s director is close to becoming president of the IMF

9th September, 2019

World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva is poised to become the IMF’s director after the institution said it was the only candidate for the job

Georgieva, 66, has been CEO of the World Bank since early 2017 and has yet to interview the IMF board before giving her final approval

The IMF said in a statement on Monday: “The closing period for nominations for the post of Director-General last Friday and confirmed one candidate, Kristalina Georgieva, the current CEO of the World Bank and Bulgarian citizenship, ready to be considered a candidate

The IMF said it would like to complete the process of selecting the director of the International Foundation to replace Christine Lagarde by October 4

The main obstacle faced by “Georgieva” is that her nomination violates the rules of the International Monetary Fund that the director can not exceed the age of 65 years, but the Fund canceled that rule last Friday in order to facilitate her access to the presidency of the institution   LINK

Samson:  These are the most important files of Abdul-Mahdi’s visit to China

10th September, 2019
Revealed a senior official in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, on Tuesday, the most prominent files in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s visit to China scheduled for the end of September. “The visit will mark the launch of a new phase of economic, trade and investment relations with China,” the official said.

The official expected, “the conclusion of eight huge agreements relating to projects in housing and infrastructure, especially in the destroyed cities, and rehabilitation of Iraq’s factories stalled since 2003, as well as scheduling debts owed by Iraq in favor of China, which Iraq has obtained in the past six years and total value With benefits to over a billion dollars.”

He pointed out that “China is willing to work in the areas of oil and gas, housing and infrastructure, to be dealt with Baghdad on the payment system, or the completion of an understanding on crude oil sales to Beijing, in the framework of the payment of dues companies or projects to be undertaken by China.”

“If the visit is successful and the agreements are officially approved, it will be the most important international partnership agreement signed by Iraq for many years, especially with regard to the entry of Chinese companies to Iraq, which in turn will ensure its security and facilitate its work,” the official said.   LINK


Samson:  Baghdad is counting on the growth of Russian investment in the development of oil fields
10th September, 2019

Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Moayad Saleh said on Tuesday that Baghdad hoped Russian investments would develop in the country’s oil fields.

“We hope that Russian companies will be more involved in the development of oil fields, for example, a Russian company has started to develop in the Ramadi area. We hope that the investments will reach 20 billion dollars,” Saleh said during a meeting with the chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federal Council. , By 2030

He added: “I know that an agreement is being prepared, a deal to produce oil in Ramadi with” Gazprom”, which will participate in the development

Saleh pointed out that Baghdad calls on Russia to participate, intensively, and investment in various projects, and intensify economic diplomacy in order to participate in the development of Iraq

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced on Wednesday that it had initialed a contract to explore, develop and produce the 17th exploration patch in Anbar province in western Iraq with the Russian company “Stroy Trans Gas

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Oil Minister, Thamer Abbas Ghadban, according to the ministry statement, that the exploration area 17 of the promising sites, where studies and preliminary information indicate the existence of oil reserves ranging between 2-4 billion barrels of oil equivalent, gas constitutes 60% -70 percent of it

The company “Stroy Trans Gas” is keen to strengthen and increase the volume of cooperation with the oil sector in Iraq, and that this contract contributes to achieve this goal

It is noteworthy that Iraq and Russia , linked by the former since the Soviet era, distinct and close relations in various fields, including in the area of military cooperation – and the technical field of oil , electric power, agriculture and irrigation production, in addition to cooperation in the field of culture and science   LINK

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