Samson: The Kurdistan government sets next week a date for the visit of its delegation to Baghdad to discuss the 2020 budget

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, on Wednesday, next week as a date for the visit of the delegation of Erbil to Baghdad on the file of the financial budget. LINK

2Cents:  If I recall correctly, Frank’s OPINION was that the Kurds will not come until………

Tivon:  I do recall that Iraq as a prerequisite prior to Kurdistan arriving has to raise the value of their currency. So their date that is set for next week would imply that they have to change the value this week.

2Cents:  That’s what I was remembering Frank said….

We always believed agreements first but the way the Kurds have delayed since Eid, We are starting to think Frank may be right on this one.  If he is right, this weekend looks strong.  If we are right, next weekend looks strong.  Either way, I will be doing the snoopy dance.

Samson:  Oil Minister of the Kurdistan Region: Time is short before you   LINK

Popeye7:  The sense of urgency this last month or so is very encouraging… Anytime mode IMO… Hang on to your hats folks.. For they are about to be blown off if you do not…

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