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Article referenced in Frank’s video tonight.

Samson: Trump imposes sanctions on Iran’s central bank and reveals another package

9/20/2019 17:39

US President Donald Trump on Friday announced sanctions against Iran’s central bank.

Trump said last Wednesday that a new package of sanctions on Iran would be announced, describing the new sanctions against Iran as “influential”, adding that his view of this country has not changed.

The US president said that there is no war with Iran as “there are many options for action.”

“Our decision not to strike Iran before is proof of our strength,” he said, stressing that the United States is now “in a very strong position.”   LINK

MilitiaMan:  I hope everyone realizes just what this means. Trump has neutered the Iranian National Bank. How? Well, Iran is one of Iraq’s largest trading partners and has massive amounts of Dinar. They clearly will have a hard time making any money off the re in statement of Iraq IQD with sanctions on!! The timing of this is massive imo.. Trump just made a steer out of Iran… lol imo ~ MM



F26:  President Trump does not want to give Iran any advantage of the reinstatement of Iraq’s currency.

About minute 32:00

F26:  The reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar is going International……it’s already there.

I wonder…..If they were about to tell the citizens- when would they pull the trigger?  Today is a Friday….no it’s a Holy Day.   What about Saturday?   It’s the busiest day in Iraq…..maybe not a Saturday.

Sunday? It’s the first day of the week for them.  Everyone goes back to work on Sunday.   Didn’t you like Tues and Thursdays Frank?    The point is nobody knows.   I asked Walkingstick …just playing around….if Sunday was the best day and he said to me …..”any day…..they know when they are going to do this….so let them do it.”