Kzh54: I’ve been wondering…..IF, IF, IF those 12 trucks were indeed loaded with the LD’s, and the private banks have been told to accept those on the 14th—

ChrisC:  that thought crossed my mind too.  It is kind of like when Clinton asked what the meaning of “is” is.  Perhaps they have been sitting at the banks but they have to “accept” them on Monday, which then means they are usable then.  I kind of think it is hinging on that word.  I doubt they have been driving in circles since then or at the drivers houses in the garage but who knows.

StephenMac63:   Imo, they didn’t go to banks……went to military bases because more security is provided.

Boxman:  I think the key word is “Private” banks.. i suspect the funds are being held, at present, in the government owned banks…just a WAG…with absolutely no proof Or as another posted, in a military facility..

Salamon69:  That makes sense Boxman.    And then Monday they will be delivered to branches in each city in smaller armored trucks.

ChrisC:  If you will remember, I believe those notes went out and we were expecting action right away, it was only the protests that threw a curve ball to that plan.  They most likely went where they were initially intended to go.  Why send them out from the CBI and then bounce them all over Iraq.  I am sure these banks have vaults.


Don961:  Russia and Turkey agree to use the ruble and the lira in their settlements

– 16 Hours Have Passed

MOSCOW – Russian Finance Minister Anton Selyanov has signed an agreement with Turkey to use the currencies of the two countries in payments and settlements, the finance ministry said.

The ministry said that the agreement signed on the fourth of this month aims to gradually shift the use of the ruble and the lira in the settlements between the two countries.

The deal seeks to link Turkish banks and companies to the Russian version of the SWIFT payment system and boost Turkey’s infrastructure, which would allow the use of Russia’s MIR cards designed by Moscow as an alternative to MasterCard and Visa.   link


Samson:  Report: China ready to discuss partial trade deal with US

9th October, 2019

According to press reports that China has expressed its readiness to discuss a partial trade agreement with the United States, so hours of the new round of trade talks before

Tomorrow, China’s Vice Premier will travel to the United States to meet with the US trade team, led by the Treasury Secretary and Trade Representative, for a new round of trade talks

Beijing is ready to talk about the possible deal as long as there are no additional definitions to be applied by the Trump administration, including those planned this month and December, sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg on Wednesday

The source added that Beijing would provide non-essential facilities such as purchases of agricultural products in return, but at the same time, the Chinese side stressed that it would not budge on key sticking points between the two countries

Negotiators are not optimistic about a broader deal that would completely end the trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies, the source said

For its part, the Financial Times reported that the Chinese side offers to increase annual purchases of US agricultural products by 10 billion dollars annually, in order to reach a partial agreement  LINK


Samson:  Trump: We fought a void war in Iraq

9th October, 2019
US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday his country’s incursion into the Middle East was the worst decision in US history to be taken on a false basis that was later rebutted by weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

“The United States has spent $ 8 trillion to fight and play the role of the police in the Middle East,” Trump said in two tweets posted on his official Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Going to the Middle East was the worst decision ever made in our nation’s history!” Trump said. “We fought a war with a false pretext that was later refuted, weapons of mass destruction. They weren’t there!” (arms).

“Now we are carefully and carefully bringing our great soldiers and soldiers home, our focus on the public image! The United States is greater than ever!”   LINK

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