Don961: Iraqi parliament fails to vote on the reshuffle

– 6 Hours Have Passed

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s parliament failed on Tuesday to vote on cabinet reshuffles by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, including a partial cabinet reshuffle that includes five portfolios.

At the beginning of the session, parliament voted on the candidates of the vacant ministries of education and health only, and differences between parliamentary blocs prevented the vote on the candidates of the ministries of industry, immigration and communications.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Baghdad Samer Yusuf said that the Iraqi parliament held a full quorum authorizing him to vote on the completion of the government first, where he voted to accept the resignation of Health Minister Alaa Alwan, and then voted to accept the appointment of Suha Khalil, Minister of Education, a post that has been vacant since 24 October 2018.

He added that the quorum of the parliament after that disrupted, where there were severe differences between the political blocs on the reshuffle, and some blocs demanded the Prime Minister to explain the reason for the reshuffle, which he requested.

Earlier, Iraqi President Barham Saleh stressed the need for a fundamental reshuffle to improve the performance of the government to achieve a qualitative leap in its work, to provide services and employment of the unemployed and achieve social justice.

Saleh said in a statement to his office while receiving tribal elders and dignitaries that the demonstration is a right guaranteed to every citizen, provided that it is peaceful and without the bloodshed of citizens and security forces or overtaking public property.

He explained that the presidency will support compensation for those affected, and to hold accountable what he described as criminals and outlaws who shot demonstrators.

In the meantime, a political source revealed the ministries covered by the reshuffle scheduled for today.

The source said that the Prime Minister submitted to parliament today the names of five candidates in the reshuffle.

Abdul-Mahdi announced on Wednesday in a speech to the people his intention to reshuffle and submit candidates to the House of Representatives at its scheduled meeting today to vote on them.

The reshuffle comes as part of the government’s measures to respond to the protesters’ demands.

The Mahdi had announced yesterday mourning in the country starting today on the death of more than 110 people, the majority of the demonstrators who fell live bullets during their demand to overthrow the government.

In his speech to the people yesterday, Abdul Mahdi said that the government will ensure the treatment of the injured, which exceeded six thousand people as a result of the demonstrations.

He added that he had ordered the release of all those arrested on Khalifa’s recent demonstrations except those with criminal cases, and in his speech he reminded the government of its commitment to carry out its recently announced reforms.

Since October 1, Iraq has witnessed demonstrations that appeared spontaneous and driven by social demands, but were directed at live bullets, and the Iraqi military leadership acknowledged the existence of “excessive use of force.”

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Don961:  Agency: Iraq is a list of senior corrupt includes more than 400 officials

10 October 2019 11:06 PM

Direct: An official source said that Iraq is a list of senior corrupt includes more than 400 officials .

A source told the Iraqi News Agency “conscious” on Thursday, the issuance of a list of senior corrupt people, including more than 400 officials, in conjunction with the declaration of Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the war on corruption and corrupt .

The source said that the list includes officials, including deputies and former and current ministers .

This came in conjunction with the announcement of the spokesman of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majeed, precautionary measures, including the prevention of travel of officials involved in corruption cases, to prevent any chance of escape and escape from the fair judiciary .

Majeed said that the coming days will witness the issuance of the list of corruption, which was mentioned by the Prime Minister in his speech to the Iraqi people, on Wednesday .

Government action in Iraq comes as an attempt to calm the local situation, after a wave of demonstrations that resulted in deaths, because of economic conditions .     link


Samson: Human Rights: The number of victims of the demonstrations to 108 martyrs

2019/10/11 15:35

Fadl al-Ghrawi, a member of the Commission on Human Rights, announced the rise in the number of martyrs of popular demonstrations in the country.

Al-Gharawi said in a statement received by the Euphrates News agency that “the Human Rights Commission has documented the death of two demonstrators in the province of Maysan to bring the number of martyrs of the demonstrators and security forces (108) martyrs until 11 October 2019.”

He pointed out that “UNHCR has documented the release of {950} detainees out of {966} with the exception of 16 detainees pending the completion of legal proceedings with them.”

Al-Gharawi published a list of the number of martyrs and wounded and released as of Friday as follows:
Deaths: 108

Injured: 4205
Detainees: 966
Released: 950
Damages: 46
Al-Gharawi noted that In the ranks of the demonstrators reached {3649} demonstrators.   LINK


Don961:  Trump: Trade talks with China are going very well

11 October 2019 11:29 AM

Direct US President Donald Trump stressed that the trade talks with China are going very well, amid investors ‘ hopes to be able to the two largest economies in the world to end the trade war

“I think things are going well, they are going well,” Trump said Thursday in remarks to CNBC

“We have very good negotiations with China,” he said

A trade delegation from China arrived in the United States, led by the vice premier, for a new round of talks

Vice Premier Lu Hu said Beijing was ready to make major adjustments with the United States on issues of common concern such as trade balance, market access and investor protection, as well as promoting positive developments in the consultations

Later in the day, Trump was scheduled to meet Vice Premier Wen on the sidelines of the meetings

A White House official said the talks were better than expected

The United States this week added 28 Chinese companies to the blacklist because of alleged human rights violations against Muslim minorities    link