Don961: Electronic Observatory: Internet outages for millions of Iraqis

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Internet services have been cut in Baghdad and large parts of Iraq as the country has seen a wave of protests against the ruling elite, the NetBlocks Observatory said.

“At the time of writing, public Internet connections fell below 19% from normal levels, cutting off service to tens of millions of users in Baghdad, and Basra, Karbala and other population centers were also affected,” the Observatory said in a statement late on Monday.

“We believe that the new interruption is the biggest interruption we are observing in Baghdad to date,” the Observatory said. Iraqi authorities have previously cut Internet services in the face of a wave of protests.

Earlier, Reuters news agency reported the deaths and injuries as Iraqi security forces attempted to break up protests at al-Ahrar bridge leading to al-Rashid Street in central Baghdad on Monday.

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Frank26:  “I PROTEST … 11-4-19”: VIDEO REPLAY


Frank26: KTFA Monday Night CC 11-4-19

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JJimmyjj:  It is very interesting to me that Trump took time from his ever- present Twitter defense of the impeachment investigation to retweet reports last night of Iraqis protesting at the Iranian embassy.

Why would the US POTUS, a guy who isn’t noted for being a sober humanitarian,  care about a regional clash between minor players?

Well,  what IS Trump interested in? He’s interested in business deals,  he’s interested in improving the global business climate,  and he’s interested in furthering US interests domestically and internationally.

These tweets tells me that Trump sees Iraq, and removing Iranian influence from Iraq, as a policy goal of the US to further their business and foreign policy interests.

I could be overstating it,  but I don’t think so. Trump didn’t retweet info about Lebanese protests, or even about protests in Hong Kong– yet he did about Iraq.

There is more US blood and treasure invested in Iraq, beneath the surface,  than is discussed in popular culture. Thankfully,  we are aware of it and backed it with our own treasure. And, it is very nice to see our faith fed sometimes. Godspeed,  Iraq, in your quest for true political and economic freedom!

Boxman:  There was an article from a couple of weeks ago, where the President was discussing the withdrawal of troops from Syrian and his complete focus on Iraq..As you said it is part of the strategic movements in that part of the world..


Samson:  In figures, integrity courts have returned more than $752 billion to the state treasury since 2003

2019/11/4 12:23

The official statistics of the Supreme Judicial Council, on Monday, about the recovery of integrity courts affiliated with very large amounts after 2003 until the beginning of October last year.

The statistics, obtained (Euphrates News) a copy of them that “the total amount recovered by the courts competent to deal with integrity cases amounted to more than 752 billion and 22 million dinars and 37 thousand dollars.” “The criminal courts in the country have recovered more than three hundred and eighteen billion (318.051.491.663),” the statistic said.

The country has recovered more than three hundred and seventy-nine billion (379,658,713,837).

The statistics pointed out that “the Maysan Criminal Court alone recorded the recovery of more than 214 billion, while the court investigated Hilla recovered more than 108 billion dinars and recovered the court of Karbala 203 billion during this period.”   LINK


Samson: Legal expert: the closure of ports will return Iraq under Article VII

3rd November, 2019
The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, Sunday, that the continued closure of ports will return Iraq to the seventh item and put the country under international tutelage.

“The closure of any seaport or strait in the world makes it under international sanctions as it threatens navigation and global maritime security,” he said.

He added that “according to the international sea law, the continued closure of the ports of Basra will impose on Iraq several sanctions, including the return of Iraq under the seventh item and make it under international tutelage.”

He explained that “will not depend on international trusteeship, but to make the ports operate under international supervision as well as entail significant material losses.”  LINK