Don961: Outlines Of The Economic Reform Program In Iraq

November 16, 2019

Khaled al-Shammari …

This is a participation of our young Iraqi children to lay out the outlines of the economic program for the next phase to meet the legitimate demands and towards a better future for sustainable development in Iraq.

Due to the high unemployment of more than 30% لف especially for the youth category, Iraq has become a net importer of goods and services instead of a producer and exporter of goods and services because of its scientific and practical competences. Hundreds of billions of revenues received by Iraq from a total of more than $ 1 trillion would be wasted if properly invested.

Participation of an Iraqi group specializing in economic studies provides a vision for the future and can be adopted by the next Iraqi government, especially we are about to approve the 2020 budget, which begins with features published with a large deficit of up to sixty billion dollars. :

1. monitor 60% ؜ of the budget for 2020 investment spending only investment spending is determined according to a plan adopted by the planning experts Group is characterized by horizontal and vertical integration of projects by ml characterized by the country from the potential of Basra and its example and petrochemical products, intermediate and Gas, Winter Agriculture, Anbar Phosphate, Agriculture, Gas, Nineveh Sulfur, Summer Cultures, Archaeological and Religious Tourism, Missan Peninsula, Marshes, Mashta, Oil, Mercury and Livestock of Buffalo, Dairy and Papyrus

2- Reducing the budget allocations of the three presidencies only to 150 million dollars only and transferring all allocations to the 2020 budget for productive projects.

3 – Form a specialized committee with competence, integrity and belonging to Iraq, entrusted with the task of pursuing persons and funds that have been stolen and smuggled out of Iraq or within Iraq and to submit its studies within three months to the most important thefts and accountability of anyone who is questioned and disclosed and cooperation with the world, especially for dual nationality and claim States of nationality to the international role for the return of funds to Iraq

4. develop an annual plan start running half a million people during the first year of productive projects rather than with the burden of government jobs on the Iraqi budget rises to three million over five years , and unemployment to fall Global boundaries, not exceeding five percent and starting now and the 2020 budget by:
– to start building the factories of dairy and meat products, textile yarn, food and sugar factories

– the development of the agricultural plan for the production of ten million tons of grain by using a technique of modern water consumption
– Fish Resources Development
– Establishment of green and concentrated fodder projects that sufficient need for animal breeding projects
– a timetable for Human Development and the creation of Youth innovation Awards and patents
– the development of productive projects and the contribution of youth to encourage creativity and be the net profit for employees and have their proportion of the stock to create a sense of belonging, creativity and private ownership

5. allocation of the necessary funds for the plan Khum Seah dams and Okhozanat water, lakes, roads and bridges

6. cover the services of potable and sewage for all provinces and accessories water

7. modern investment law of one window to encourage the entry of foreign investment for self – sufficiency and export industries to create surpluses

8. housing plan stages of time and in accordance with the foundations of modern , with the participation of public sectors , local and foreign private

9. Application of governance for all state service facilities to fight corruption and to facilitate the provision of service to the citizen

10 – the allocation of the necessary funds for education according to a comprehensive study to accommodate fifteen million students and within the standard school building with all the necessary services

11. Establish a health insurance plan and create a joint health sector provides the best health services and be an attractive sector for Asia Health and not the opposite as is the current health sector and the development of sophisticated formulas and the use of the latest applications in the world program for health insurance and social welfar

12 – Reconsideration of contracts for oil licenses to provide the best return at the lowest costs

13 – Regulation of financial, commercial and economic relations with the Kurdistan region in the interest of one Iraq

14 – Develop a comprehensive study of the planning of cities and prevent abuses and slums and assault on state real estate and land and parks and others because it created a case From the chaos and pollution of the environment and pressure on the services that construction of certain specifications have been exceeded so that the house, which covers an area of six hundred meters more than four apartments and five times the number of residents and disappeared gardens and green areas and palm trees, olives and fruits that were part of To build and develop youth programs for the development of biology, cultivation and give incentives to those in charge of the youth awards and wages holidays and special times

15 – cover the needs of family consumption of electrical energy using power plants and solar and renewable energy and more than 50 thousand megabytes to meet the demands of family consumption growth and productive projects and service

16 – organize currency auction by the Central Bank and control currency and the reasons for external transfer because Iraq lost amounts in billions over the past decade from the sale of currency which is contrary to all instructions in international banks and foreign transfers

17. control private banks and raise the legal reserve ratio to 25% ؜ instead of reducing it to 10%, increasing the risk to depositors and the Iraqi economy

18. a Commitment to the peace and adjust the salary rate and cancel the allocations and adjust allocations only in narrower borders and the practice of labor legislation so as to reduce current spending and turn it into productive projects and youth employment and reducing unemployment

19. Developing a five-year, ten-year and long-term plan that defines what Iraq needs for all industrial, agricultural, tourism and services sectors by governorates and the quality of integrated projects to build sustainable development and maintain high employment rates.

20- Develop human development programs and the role of Iraqi women in their active contribution, increase their participation, reduce unemployment and raise the employment rate.

21. Activating the real role of public control by organizations and institutions to prevent the executive authority from exceeding any measures that do not serve the growth and prosperity of Iraqi society.

22. Adopt a general budget at conservative oil prices, such as the 2020 budget. The indicative price should not be $ 53, but $ 40. The total current expenditures combine less than fifty percent and the remainder for real investment. An investment budget shall be attached to any additional revenues entering Iraq, aiming at employing the productive youth labor force so that the youth feel. Iraqi that income earned is in the interest

23. financing projects productive contribution to the proportion of shares subscribed to the participants in the process of graduates with specializations according to the type of projects and contribute to the state in the capital or low – interest loans or without at the beginning of War Raid advice and service

24. establishment of an independent department for research, inventions and intellectual property rights and privileges granted to encourage young people to develop creative Iraqi productive and service sectors , social networking and information technology

25- Cooperation with the world countries to monitor foreign exchange, currency exchange rate, smuggling and money laundering

26. Activating the role of specialized agricultural, industrial and real estate banks and appointing an efficient and impartial administration that has real affiliation to the homeland to contribute to development and solve housing and agricultural and industrial financing problems according to specialized feasibility studies to prevent any waste or corruption , as happened from the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars in agriculture alone , the Bank

32. the role of the public sector to be involved and supportive of the private sector and not the burden on the productive activity and to pay the salaries and wages of production is weak, so it should be abolished some of the public sector institutions , such as the Agricultural and other equipment because it carries farms significant additional costs in addition to large corruption contracts

27. The establishment of a specialized Department to demand compensation for Iraq due to the occupation and the Gulf War First , both at the level of government from the destruction of infrastructure and productive and other institutions or personal claims and recourse to international courts

28. cancel any allocations for provincial councils and that the work is volunteer to serve the public good , as in most countries of the world

29 – he is not receiving any position of the sovereign only after the submission of financial disclosure and CV

30. revitalize and re – production projects that were destroyed after 2003 according to modern and demanding the occupying powers to contribute and operation of a modern rerun technology and even absorb the surplus Finalize developmental formulas C local and export purposes   link