This video is in Franks opinion only.

From Eddie (Firefly77)  Sunday 2:19 in the afternoon , They are telling us on TV that The International Management law that was passed is a tool to be used when the rate is changed….relating to International Standards.

F26: Wow. Let that sink in……the International Management law that was passed yesterday (amended) It was passed a while ago and the caretaker Govt. can only amend it….but they are telling the Iraqi citizens on TV that this law is a tool that will be used when the rate is changed!!!  WHEN THE RATE IS CHANGED!!!!  Relating to international standards!!

F26: In order for it to meet international standards it must be under article 8…….seriosly that is awesome.

F26:  From FF77:  4:07 pm..Mr. Frank we see on our TV the secretary of the supreme council in iran is going to resign ….they are resigning over not shutting down all flights when the missiles were being shot.

F26: I said yesterday that within 48 hours you would see some resignations coming from Iran . this is the actions of desperate human beings….When they resign they have no more immunity through their government,. I told you yesterday they were going to find a scapegoat.