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Samson: China issues the text of the stage 1 trade agreement with obligations similar to the US version

16th January, 2020

The Beijing Ministry of Finance released the Chinese version of the one-stage commercial agreement signed in Washington on Wednesday to boost Chinese purchases of US products and ease tensions in a months-long trade dispute

China has agreed to purchase additional US goods and services worth at least $ 200 billion over two years, including additional imports of US farm products worth $ 32 billion, the text shows to China released Thursday, in line with the monetary values and time frame mentioned in the US version

The United States and China have acknowledged that purchases will be made at market prices based on commercial considerations, and that market conditions, especially for agricultural goods, may impose the date of purchases in any specific year, as the text of the agreement says   LINK


Samson:  Trump: Washington and Beijing will start negotiating the “stage 2” of the trade agreement very soon

15th January, 2020
US President Donald Trump said that the trade agreement with China includes a very strong protection of intellectual property.

The US President added, during his signing with Chinese Premier Liu He, the first phase of the trade agreement between Washington and Beijing, that he would agree to raise customs duties on China if the two countries reached an agreement for stage 2, according to what was published by the White House.

Trump indicated that he does not expect that there will be a third stage in the trade agreement with China, and that all customs duties will be raised once stage 2 is completed.

The US President added, “China and the United States will start negotiating stage 2 very soon,” noting that an agreement Trade includes a complete enforcement mechanism.   LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary Committee: These are the most important projects that the China Agreement will implement in Iraq

15th January, 2020
The Parliamentary Strategic Planning Committee spoke on Wednesday about the most important projects that the China Agreement will implement in Iraq.

One of the most important projects that the agreement with China will implement is the completion of the Al-Fao port and the dry canal project that contains land and railways linking the port to Europe, said the committee member, Mohamed Al-Baldawi.

He added that “the Prime Minister directed the ministries to send their strategic projects in order to include them in the schedule and define priorities”.    LINK