The results of the foreign currency sale window for Sunday 16/2/2020 and executed on Tuesday 11/2/2020

Advertisement No. 4143

Sale date –  Sunday 16/2/2020 and executed on Tuesday 11/2/2020

the details

    The amount

Total sale for purposes of enhancing balances abroad (transfers, credits)

Total cash sale


Total sales


Doodlebug:  So exciting to see this. We might see them do the same thing they did yesterday (post the remittances on a separate day) but this is exciting because this is the work of Dr. Shabibi. This tells me that Dr. Shabibi is working his plan to RI the Iraqi Currency. This is his “signature” move. Back when Dr. Shabibi was CBI Governor, he would not post auctions results for days.. he is a Master at hiding things. Come on Dr. Shabibi!!! We are all praying for your health and for you to be the one to ring this bell!!!!

ChrisC: Thank you Doodles for your input and your sharing of your intel.  It is so great at this time in this deal to have a source at such a high level that is sharing with you and you are so good to share with us.  I look forward to seeing your intel anytime you have something.  Thanks again.  Shabibi knows this is what he is going to be remembered for and I am sure he will do everything possible to see it through.