Dan: I believe that Trump having declared a national emergency is a good thing.
It gives Trump control over money which he is giving to businesses & people NOT THE BANKING SYSTEM.

Under a national emergency Trump can order companies back to the US. It will be done in a discussion format.

Things will appear as companies decided to come back on their own.

I believe Trump is using this event to help people financially as we transition into a new system.
He is stating a big bounce back because the landscape will not be the same coming out the other side.
Trump is using this as a cover as a rearrangement is taking place.

Ah yes… never let a good disaster  go to waste…

I for one would love to see the fed lose control. Nothing Federal about it, global elites rich families own and run the fed.

Josie:  YUPPERS,,,,Been hearing also  about a “Debt jubilee”   Interesting indeed

ChrisC:  Kim Clement is getting every chance he could have asked for today.  The market is dancing all over 20,000.  Come on Kim, daddy needs a new pair of shoes and some more toilet paper.

Samson:  Trump announces the closure of the borders to Canada

17:12 – 3/18/2020

US President Donald Trump announced, Wednesday, the border with Canada closed to the non-essential movement.

Trump emphasized expanding telemedicine services to counter the emerging corona virus.

He added, in a press conference from Washington, that movement and gatherings should be reduced and travel avoided, pointing out that 13 airports witnessed examinations of the disease.

The president also called on Americans to work from home.   LINK


Samson:  Report: Iraq is in a good position to pay off its external debt

12:37 – 3/18/2020

A report of the Australian economic newspaper Investor Daily, specializing in investment, confirmed on Wednesday that Iraq is in a good economic position that enables it to meet its external debt.

The report, which was translated / information / in an interview with the economic analyst Mark Baker, the director of investment and emerging market debt at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Group, in response to a question about the bonds issued by the Iraqi government, stated that “Iraq is a net external creditor and this means that its external assets are greater than its external debts which It means the country is in a good position to stick to its debts.”

“Each country is subject to a unique set of macroeconomic engines. There are no emerging markets or similar borders.  In the case of Iraq, regional political geography and internal politics are key factors. But at the same time, it is considered Iraq is a net external creditor, which means that its external assets are greater than its external liabilities. This means that the nation is well placed to service its debt obligations.

He pointed out that “border markets tend to take on more credit risk than the prevailing emerging markets. However, it does not necessarily follow that volatility is higher, especially for local currency bonds.  Border bonds in local currency are less accessible and require very careful analysis and oversight, which some international investors may be unwilling or unable to implement. As a result, most of these markets suffer from a significant lack of ownership and are therefore less sensitive to global risk factors affecting the more common emerging markets.  LINK

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