Scollie: I was laying in bed last night and my mind was wandering.   Just a crazy thought.  Something isn’t sitting with me right about the whole Corona Virus and basically shutting down our whole Economy.

This is strictly a What if…..

 I was comparing this to an Open Heart Surgery.   What if our Financial System is like the heart and needs to be overhauled and tuned up?  In order to do that the Surgeon would need to stop the heart in order to do any repair work on it.

Just like our “Financial System”.  Seems to me they are trying to stop all “CASH” flow for a week or 2…. then once the repair and/or upgrade is completed the Surgeon would need to kick start the heart again with a Jolt of Energy to reboot the heart.

And I am thinking that maybe once the repairs and upgrades are completed or the Fed Reserve is Destroyed, then Trump will re-kickstart the financial system (Economy) with the Stimulus Package to reboot the Economy….

But what if….that kickstart is us “The Citizens” receiving our Stimulus Money is a “NEW GOLD BACK DIGITAL CURRENCY”?

Something just isn’t adding up with all the dates.  It sure seems it’s all very well timed.  What a better way to introduce a new “ASSET BACK CURRENCY” then sending everyone Free Money in a time of need??  Where No One, would have an issue in using it….of course Iraq would RI at the same time….

Just thinking, if our banks and Iraq’s bank have been mirrored…. maybe we have and are also changing our Fiscal Year to match Iraq as well as coming out with a New Asset Currency to match?  Just seems we are trying and have been trying to get to a Cashless Society.

Just a crazy Dinar thought while trying to sleep!!! Maybe I’m just crazy after studying all these years?

 Any thoughts?    this is all IMO

Iggy:  I think you may be on to something…imo

ChrisC:  This is exactly what I have been anticipating.  I see hidden meanings in every word of a conversation or facial expression where there may not be any (maybe somebody just felt gassy), but there have been TOO many times where Trump seems to barely be holding back that he knows something that everyone else doesn’t.

As most know, I have been following the bank situation for some time now MAINLY through Bix Wier.  Bix was a banker for twenty years and really knows what he is looking at.  It isn’t his opinion, he shows the data that is actually put out by the Fed.  Bix has been dead on the money so far with his predictions of what is coming.  He has 100% accurately foretold what has happened so far.  His position is that the banks are imminently going to collapse.

Two weeks ago now, all the banking heads met at the White House.  What was that for?  To show off their coin collections?  I doubt it.  I believe Trump is set to nationalize them when they fall just like China did.  If he moves smoothly, we may not even feel the collapse.

Bix doesn’t believe in dinar or any RV and he is digging a bunker and putting his helmet on.  I don’t listen to him for any of that gloomy outlook, but I do believe the virus (planned or not) has gotten us to prepare for some down time if that is what happens.

We know that money velocity is what resolves a financial issue, but in the past the money was passed out to the criminal elite and, for some reason, never made it down to us.

If it STARTS at the bottom, it is GUARANTEED to reach everyone.  If THOUSANDS of millionaires pour their funds into the economy, there will be NO recession or depression, and that IS what is going to happen.

There won’t be one new Cadillac or Corvette left on the lots, new home sales will explode, and restaurants will be packed.

This virus is engineered (that is an admitted fact) and if it is engineered, they have a vaccine.

As a home builder I can tell you that the building of one house employees hundreds of workers so America is going back to work.

All we need now is to have Trump deal with the banks and the CBI to RI.


Will:  Would be amazing if it shakes out like this.

ChrisC:    Yes Will I know, wouldn’t it?  It could turn out completely different, but a lot of things make sense for this scenario.  The mobilization of the Marine Reserves nationwide is something that still is unanswered to me unless it is for something like this.

Also, I was alerted by a good friend on the forum here that Ohio’s National Guard has been put on a two hour alert.  The banks have intended on being bailed out and I don’t think have any way out of it if the govt doesn’t do it.

JP Morgan has over 500  Million actual ounces of silver in their vaults and they may use this, but they are at severe danger of actually being found guilty in a current lawsuit of RICO violations and could lose their ability to even be a bank.

If even ONE of the big banks fail this time, they ALL will probably go down.  How hard do you think they were hit with the drop in oil prices?

I imagine that triggered derivatives like you can’t imagine.  Bix made a comment the other day and he said whether it was meant to do it or not, the oil hit was the perfect thing to make the banks collapse.

Cornhusker:  A little news i heard from a DR. friend this Am our State National Guard will be Activated starting Monday AM.

JamieO:  CHRIS – VERY INTERESTING READ.  Trump himself has referenced more than once a huge capital infusion into the economy FROM THE BOTTOM UP.  Folks…..THAT IS US following the RI/RV.  If we can’t fix this economy after this happens – NOTHING will fix it…IMO.

QUESTION – If banks are “nationalized” as you and Bix seem to suggest….Does that mean they are all government run & no (or very few) private banks left?  That scares the hell out of me!  We have all seen the result of the government run businesses. The US Postal Service comes to mind.  I believe the right privately run operation could make the Postal Service profitable in a heartbeat.
Why would we think the gov would do any better running the banks???…..IMO

ChrisC:  Thanks.  Bix doesn’t think they will be nationalized, he only sees a disaster almost Mad Max like.  There is no way in hell Trump and the patriots are going to let this happen.  I mean in a nuclear apocalypse maybe, but that is not this case.

Honestly, if Trump set it up, that is the only bank I would feel comfortable putting a lot of money in.  All of our banks are Rothschild run and headed by criminals that could care less if you are being run over by a herd of buffalo.

It is privately run banks that crashed in ’08 and privately run that are now in around 350 TRILLION dollars of derivative debt.  You trust these idiots?  No way.  You have to remember who has been running the govt for the last hundred years, and that is the same bunch that started the Fed Reserve and IRS and they have intentionally robbed us blind and left us holding the bag.

The dollar has about two cents worth of the value it did in 1913!  Can you believe we have had that much stolen from us?

When Trump gave his inaugural address, I knew the game was changing in Washington.  I imagine a lump was in the throat and pants of most of DC.  I hope by the second term he has enacted safeguards that will not let anybody rob from the Social Security, Postal Service, etc. again.  We’ll see.


GFulcher66:  I generally agree with you. IMO this is a sad thing but allot of great things will come out of it and is the black swan needed to transition from a fiat rothchild system who charges us interest to print our money, to a treasury note thats imo partially asset backed but not 100% and backed by things other than gold bc 100% gold backed can be a problem to.

That said this is what’s needed to make the current elite to relinquish their hold on the current system as we move to the new, faster, blockchain based sound money system or QFS. IMO the reason this is impt to the IQD is b/c we would not let the benefit of the IQD into the failing rothchild system but rather use it to jump start the new system of the future!!!

Interesting times we will see, but i find it exciting how much power Trump now has especially over the banking and trade system bc of the current state of emergency affairs. Plus this ends globalist centralized trade and we go back to de-centralized trade b/w nations


Coco:  Senate Republicans are planning to include larger first-round stimulus checks to U.S. households than the Trump administration initially floated, but there might not be a second round if economic conditions improve.

The emerging Senate GOP package would increase direct payments to individuals to about $1,200 per person or $2,400 for married couples filing jointly.

The plan continues to include additional payments of $500 per child.

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